Not just the main site but all the game sites..


I still keep getting this "permission denied error" frequently whenever I try to log in to the site. Out of like 10 tries i get to log in to the site once.. (on average) and when i click game start.. "PERMISSION DENIED" AGAIN. From looking around forums on netgame, I know that there are no blocks to IP.. if so what exactly is causing this error??? I used to be able to log in with no restrictions when i was playing holic.. But I cannot now.

why cant the log in be placed inside the game client itself?? grr....>

I think a lot of people have the same problem.. just that they have NO WAY of telling this to the people at netgame cus they cant even log in to the site, and hence cannot log in to the forums and make a post. The lumping together of forum, game and site logins is really proposterous.. Why cant they seperate them? Clearly the log in system silences or ignores ppl experiencing this prob cus if u cant log into the site u cant post anything on forums and u cant even tell netgame abt this. Most ppl just end up forgetting about playing the game.

The error is a pop up with the phrase "Permission Denied..."

I so want to !@#$#$% netgame up..Bullocks....>_>

So onrpg peeps.. Any knowledge on this? HELP ME PLEASE I BEG U ALL...

Im posting this here obviously, because i cannot log in to the forums on their main site. Ive played Holic before and I really wanna meet up with my old friends who are playing this game.

Edit: I managed to get the game launcher up!!!!

What i did was to sorta alternate log in from this site and click download now. I then logged in from the download page and there was no permission denied error.. I could then start the game.. its patching now.. Hope it can help those others experiencing the same problem.

It might not work though... but it has worked for me twice in four tries.