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Thread: The Hottest of the Week: Assassinate GM

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    Default The Hottest of the Week: Assassinate GM

    1. Hottest Screenshots

    A GM got killed while catching a botter in the mystic castle. Have you ever seen it before?

    This screeshot is from an old event. Can you still remember it?

    Perfect love scene in night on the moon platform.

    Nice effect of Arrow Rain!

    2. Recommended Fanart

    TQ’s volunteers - Painter and journalist.

    It is a love story, when archer is hunting, she sees a trojan, so the story begins... .*

    Sexy female archer of Conquer Online by liaarh from Kylin Server.

    I come I see I Conquer!

    3. Hottest Beauties

    You see, you decide!

    Sweet girl from Eternity Server.

    Rawr! My natural eye color without tinted contacts♥

    Cool girl.

    4. Recommended Comics

    Sometimes, we conquer everything, but women conquer us.

    Sometimes, we get entangled in the relationship between life and friendship and don't know how to make a choice….

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    lol'd at the last comic xD. Is this game still kewl..haven't played it since like 6th grade lmao

    Great review for S.U.N (Soul Ultimate Nation) from Ijji made by me !
    XFire : ienvyi
    Review from a WoW Player for Aion !

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