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Thread: Guide to WOW Patch 3.3.0:Fall of the Lich King

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    Default Guide to WOW Patch 3.3.0:Fall of the Lich King

    Guide to WOW Patch 3.3.0:Fall of the Lich King
       The new 25 man raid instance in patch 3.3 are confusing, but donít worry. The following guide should explain things so you donít have to embarrass yourself asking or have to figure things out as a raid wants to run as fast as possible through the instances.

    Guide to 5 player instances:Frozenhalls
      The Frozen Halls inclues three dungeons and eight boss,i will tell them to you step by step, make you easy farm it.

    Icecrown 5-Man Dungeons Loot

    Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Throne
     With the legendary heroes Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade and Highlord Darion Mograine of the Knights of the Ebon Blade joining forces to lead the charge through the fortified gates of Icecrown Citadel, members of the Horde and Alliance will be called to end the reign of the Lich King once and for all. It may be the greatest challenge our most courageous adventurers have yet seen.

    Let us take you through our latest preview, Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Throne, the upcoming epic raid dungeon in patch 3.3.

    Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls

      Looming over the stark wastes of Northrend, the Icecrown Citadel awaits those who would see the Lich King and his Scourge brought low and the threat they pose wiped from the face of Azeroth. The heroes who venture within will face some of the greatest challenges and horrors yet seen. But before you burst in the front door of the Citadel itself, an alternate means of entry awaits you, with an epic journey into the new five-player dungeon, Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls.

    Journey with us into our preview of Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls to find out more of what's in store.

    New Dungeon System
      Much like the current Looking For Group system, players will be able to join the dungeon system and choose the role they would like to fill within groups: Healing, DPS, or Tank. In addition, once roles have been identified, they will be applied to all dungeons chosen. Players will now be able to choose multiple dungeons and will no longer be limited to three. The system has also improved group creation and matchmaking capabilities and will create more balanced groups when assessing the selected roles of players.

    New Quest Feature
    We're making several improvements to the user interface for tracking quest objectives in our 3.3 content update. These new features will serve to improve the questing experience for players through a multitude of new tracking options.

     As the Lich King continues his dark work inside the halls of Icecrown Citadel, the warriors and smiths of the Ashen Verdict scramble to forge a weapon capable of defeating the Scourge.
    To aid the Verdict in its cause, you'll need to follow in Arthas's footsteps, ******** with your very soul to gather the materials that will create the legendary axe Shadowmourne.

    Find out more about the quest to build Shadowmourne, available in the upcoming Fall of the Lich King content update, in our new preview of the legendary weapon Shadowmourne.

    Quel'Delar: The Sister Blade

     In ages past the great Dragon Aspects worked alongside the night elves to forge powerful prismatic blades that could be used to thwart any evil that came into the world. They would become known as the blades of Quel'Serrar. One of these blades, which had become lost in time, was recently unearthed again by brave heroes of Azeroth. Now rediscovered, Quel'Serrar is revered once more as a mighty tool of raw power.

    Its sister blade, however, has not been seen for many years...

    Lady Jaina Proudmoore
     As one of Azeroth's most gifted magi, Jaina commands an array of potent spells. These spells grant her the ability to teleport, summon water elementals, and unleash frigid blizzards upon her enemies. The true extent of Jaina's powers, however, goes far beyond the examples listed here

    Queen Sylvanas Windrunner
     The Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner, is no stranger to the Lich King's cruelty. During the Third War the death knight Arthas led a Scourge army into Sylvanas' homeland, Quel'Thalas, in order to use the Sunwell's powerful magic as a means to raise the fallen necromancer Kel'Thuzad into undeath. As the ranger-general of Silvermoon, Sylvanas valiantly fought against the Scourge, but Arthas managed to defeat her in battle

    The Heart and Souls of Icecrown Citadel
      To shed some light into the chilly gloom of Icecrown Citadel, we sat down to talk about the decision-making process behind Wrath of the Lich King's ultimate dungeon, the World of Warcraft team's design philosophy, and the dangers that lurk in the heart of Arthas's stronghold.

    Tier 10 Armor Sets
      As the threats within Icecrown Citadel continue to take shape, so do the rewards for the brave souls who seek to face them. Check out high-resolution images of the tier-10 armor sets that wait to be acquired within the halls of Icecrown Citadel.

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    It's already been posted bro >_> Nice try though..

    Great review for S.U.N (Soul Ultimate Nation) from Ijji made by me !
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    Review from a WoW Player for Aion !

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