Top10 classical rubbish equipments in WOW PS specific source

 As an WoWer, maybe you did not have massive excellent equipments, but these equipments which were designed by the Snowstorm you had experienced. It was quite similiar to the things in daily life. Let's detail these things.

  Top.10 Antique Gun

The designation reminded me a cartoon. There was a dialogue at the beginning: Long long ago, there was a wise and brave sergeant called Bravestar in New Texas Planet. He possessed the eyes of eagle, the ear of the wolf,the speed of leopard, the strength of bear. He guard the residence in this planet against the evil. The assisst of him is a horse that can talk and interchange to human for fight, standing with back foot.


  Top.9 Mithril Shaving Razor

 In the daily fishing box, worth 11 gold. Maybe the designer regard the fisherman also needed to caution his appearance, so he designed the Mithril Shaving Razor for fisherman.

It seemed that it was needed some skills to operate the Mithril Shaving Razor or shaving becomes the suiside.

Top.8 Silver Statuette

  Worth 15G. A man whose upper part is naked.

  It is known that all the famous statues nake thier upper part.


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