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Thread: OnRPG Members' Choice Awards 2009

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    Default OnRPG Members' Choice Awards 2009

    It's that time of year again! As you sit together with your family for lovely
    dinners and try to remember which of your friends went where for their
    holidays, take a moment to review the past year. Especially the MMOs you
    have played.

    OnRPG Members' Choice Awards 2009
    OnRPG invites you to share your opinions and experiences and vote on
    your favorite- or least favorite games in 2009 in the following categories:

    01. Overall MMO of the Year Award
    02. F2P MMO of the Year Award
    03. Expansion/Update of the Year Award
    04. Most Anticipated MMO (2010) Award
    05. Best MMO Company of the Year Award
    06. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award
    07. Best PvE Experience in a 2009 MMO Award
    08. Best PvP Experience in a 2009 MMO Award
    09. F2P Eye Candy of the Year Award
    10. Cash Shop of the Year Award

    Win Prizes
    By casting your votes you become eligible to win great prizes offered to us
    by our sponsors: TQdigital (Zero Online, Eudemons, Conquer Online, and
    more) and Miracle Castle (Project of Planets, Talisman Online). We will hand
    out 100 prizes to those who join.

    - If you're not an OnRPG member yet, sign up!
    - Cast your vote in all 10 categories.
    - Send an email to (subject line: MCA 2009)
    - Mention your OnRPG forum name in the email.

    Note: If you do not complete all the instructions above, you are not eligible
    for any prizes.

    Duration: December 24 - January 31st
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    when are the winners being announced? o:

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