View Poll Results: 06. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award

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  • Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Ncsoft)

    12 23.08%
  • Champions Online (Cryptic Studios)

    8 15.38%
  • Darkfall (Aventurine SA)

    14 26.92%
  • Fasaria World (New Source Gaming)

    2 3.85%
  • Luna Online (Gpotato)

    2 3.85%
  • Jade Dynasty (Perfect World Entertainment)

    2 3.85%
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon America)

    5 9.62%
  • Warrior Epic (True Games Interactive)

    5 9.62%
  • The Chronicles of Spellborn (Acclaim)

    1 1.92%
  • The Warlords (TQ Digital Entertainment)

    1 1.92%
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Thread: MCA 2009: 06. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award

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    Default MCA 2009: 06. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award

    06. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award
    Game title (publisher or developer)

    This category determines which game released in 2009 fell short of gamers' expectations the most. Cast your vote!

    01. Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Ncsoft)
    02. Champions Online (Cryptic Studios)
    03. Darkfall (Aventurine SA)
    04. Fasaria World (New Source Gaming)
    05. Luna Online (Gpotato)
    06. Jade Dynasty (Perfect World Entertainment)
    07. Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon America)
    08. Warrior Epic (True Games Interactive)
    09. The Chronicles of Spellborn (Acclaim) Note: The US server opened in 2009 and went full F2P later
    10. The Warlords (TQ Digital Entertainment)

    Aion – Private servers, botters, gold spammers, no dedicated Oceanic server/s

    Champions Online – Rocky launch, various unfixed bugs at launch

    Darkfall – No trials, messy online payment system filled with errors

    Fasaria World – Outdated graphics, not free to play, no continuing advertising

    Luna Online – Game looks too colorful and childish, suggestive ads with female anime characters

    Jade Dynasty – MMORPG using the same engine for Perfect World Online, looks too similar

    Dungeon Fighter Online – IP banned except for NA, players have to use IP Proxys to gain access

    Warrior Epic – European server under GOA closed after months, overall unexciting game

    The Chronicles of Spellborn – Boring combat. lack of content, game to be restarted in 2010

    The Warlords – Leveling is too fast and easy, yet another MMO made by TQ's game engine

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    Aion - worst support in a game by far, gold sellers, spammers, security issue with NCSoft allowing hackers access to emails and account names.
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    Yeah. It’s good to be yourself. Same with you, I will try to do something. So I support your decision!

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