1. Hottest Screenshots

This is Xmas quiz horse race! Are you ready? Saddle up and run!

Wooot! Countless DBs! I was wondering where you got so many DBs.

Did you take part in some fun Christmas events too?

Toxic fogging in the training ground simultaneously!

2. Hottest Beauties

This cute girl from Leo server reminds me of a popular and pretty star from Singapore.

This beauty has won the most votes this week, and so congratulations are in order!

Brown hair cutie! ^O^

This sexy girl is dancing?

3. Recommended Fanart

Gotta take a deep breath and let the arrow fly.

Cutie, why you look so angry?

What an attractive young man!

Trojan VS Warrior! Who is more powerful?

4. Recommended Comics

Santa Claus, can you give me a DB? I hope my wish could come true soon.

Merry Christmas!