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Thread: Basic Races and Classes

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    Lightbulb Basic Races and Classes


    Hello there, I see you are reading Basic Races and Classes, written for the OnRPG Roleplayer in mind. Here is a compilation of races and classes that you have seen before, or may not have seen before. Look here if you are stuck on an idea for a character, or some races to populate your setting. This will be constantly updated, so check often!

    Within are three types of classes and races: fantastic races (think Lord of the Rings or D&D), modern (more military type classes here) and futuristic (think like modern, but futuristic. These will mostly be space based, but will include some more post-modern ones as we go along.)

    Be sure to match the class and race with the setting you're RPing in! It'd be odd having an Elvish swordsman in a space ship.

    Also note that there are class specific notes for each race. An Elf generally isn't the same type of warrior as a Dwarf, so I decided to list the basic differences for each basic class rather than with each class itself.

    Special thanks:
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    Races are the species of your character. I will include non-PC classes.

    Unless otherwise stated, humans are always a playable race. They are also what all other races are measured on.

    Human - Do I really need to explain what a human is? The main advantage of the human is their adaptability; they can be almost any class and any specialization. They range from paragons of civilizations to brutes of tribal society.

    Standard Fantasy Races
    These are the main races in any fantasy setting.

    Half-Elf - Either descended from a human and an elf parent or other half-elves, these people don't have the versatility of humans, but possess elven senses and magic immunities. To Humans, they appear Elvish, and to Elves they appear like Humans, and are therefore not fully accepted in each society.

    Normal elf - These are nimble, wise, and beautiful beings. They appear to be Human, except for their small frame and pointed ears. Elves live for hundreds of years, sometimes even a millennia. They have a rich cultural past, and have long memories. Elves tend to associate mostly with other longer-lived races, and only companion Humans if they have few other options. Extremely wise and intelligent due to their long life-span, and possess very refined senses. Their ability of sight makes them deadly archers. As well, they are skilled artisans and craftsmen, and when it comes to crafting artifacts of beauty, none are the rivals of the Elves.

    Elven Mages are among the finest of the Art. They have extreme patience when tackling a magical problem, and their command of magical energies is unwavering. What they lack in total raw power they more than make up in versatility and confidence.

    Elven Warriors are excellent. Although not very strong, or hardy, they are professionals in their craft. They spend decades honing their ability with the sword, and make adept use of the light but strong Elven worksmanship.

    Elven Archers are unrivaled. Combining excellent eyesight and dexterous hands, they can hit a target the size of a pinhead from a hundred yards. Elven bows are of rare quality, and they take advantage of this.

    Elven Thieves are rare, but good. They use their small, nimble body and good eyesight and dexterous hands to their advantage of their craft.

    Dwarf - If you had to describe a Dwarf in one word, you'd say 'tough,' because that is exactly what Dwarves are. Tough. They live in Clan-based societies and live up to three hundred to even five hundred years. That is, if they don't get killed before then. For the most part, Dwarves live underground in giant cavernous cities, but can be found in most major cities of the world. They are characterized by their large beards, stout frame and small four foot to four and a half foot tall bodies. Don't let the size mislead you, though: Dwarves are the toughest of the standard races. Their compact bodies are hard to hit, and if you do hit them, they barely notice it. As well, Dwarves the greatest craftsmen. Although Elves can craft beauty with a hammer, Dwarves craft excellence. A Dwarven sword, although heavier than an Elf's, will last longer without magical enchantments and does not require as much sharpening. A Dwarven suit of armor is unmatched in its perfect balance between protection and mobility. Although Dwarves are extremely strong, they are not as nimble or dexterous, and therefore do not make many delicate creations like Elves or Gnomes. Dwarves are impatient and headstrong, and are, in general, not very likable since they can't take a social hint. Dwarves are very resistant to poison and disease. A Dwarf caught sick is a rare sight, and it is even rarer to see a Dwarf admit it.

    Dwarven Mages are incredibly rare, but held in extremely high esteem. They prefer to focus their Art on runes and transmutation, and Dwarven mages are more often than not craftsmen who make magical weapons and armors and other things. Nonetheless, they are fierce in combat.

    Dwarven Warriors are among the best, taking advantage of their strong arms and sturdy constitution to overwhelm an opponent, or tire them out. They take advantage of heavy armor, and prefer axes and hammers over swords. Instead of going for a specific place to hit like an Elven warrior would, a Dwarf would simply try and hit the opponent, and let their incredible strength do the rest.

    Dwarven Archers do exist, but they lack the dexterity to properly use a bow. Instead, they use crossbows, and will often use other mechanical weapons such as bombs and traps to make up for their lack of aim.

    Dwarven Thieves are rarer than Mages, probably due to the Dwarf mentality of honor. Dwarves prefer to attack directly, and look down upon thieves. Besides, Dwarves lack the dexterity of hand to be good at stealing anything, and are too loud to be good at sneaking. Nonetheless, a Dwarf, if driven enough, can still make a good Thief.

    Halfling - Halflings are little, but with a big heart. They are the size of a child, and as weak as an adolescent, but they are cheery fellows and love good jokes and good wine. They could easily be mistaken as a Human child except that they are very hairy. Halflings have a ruddy complexion, and enjoy the outdoors very much. Surprisingly, they are not timid creatures, but are actually fearless, and are not capable of panic or terror, although they have been known to shake in their boots when cornered by three ogres. They even more nimble than Elves, but are still yet weaker. Halflings aren't know for their craftsmenship, but they have made a few clever inventions when it comes to lessening the load on their shoulders. Their love of a good prank makes them among the best trappers and experts at the ambush. Usually, a Halfling will be offended if someone other than a fellow Halfling, Gnome or Dwarf make fun of their size, but will often jokes among themselves about being the little folk. Halflings are a little less common than Humans, but can still be found anywhere in the world. They are family oriented, much like the Dwarves. They live about as long as Humans.

    Halfling Mages that focus purely on the Art are rare, but a lot of the time a Halfling of another profession will pick up a few magical spells to help them along. They focus on more practical, innocuous use of magic, rather than on warfare.

    Halfling Warriors actually exist, and are surprisingly many in number. A halfling warrior is much like an Elven warrior in that they focus on grace and speed rather than brawn. However, they do not possess the same discipline as an Elf, or the same equipment. Instead, a Halfling Warrior masters hundreds of little tricks and feints, and are the master of the parry and the dodge, rather than the offensive attack. They do not wear heavy armor most of the time since it greatly hampers their mobility, and a non-mobile halfling is a sitting duck. As well, they do not carry heavy weaponry since it is harder for them to use.

    Halfling Archers prefer the shortbow and the throwing knife over the longbow, and like to shoot from a high point in the fray, rather than far away from the battle like an Elf.

    Halfling Thieves are the best. Their small size, good night vision, and dexterous hands allow them the advantage in sneaking and disarming traps.

    Gnome - What would you get if you bred a Halfling and a Dwarf between each other? Well, that wasn't how the Gnome was created, but you'd get something close to it. Gnomes are bigger than Halflings but smaller than Dwarves, possess small beards and are considered the "younger cousin" of Dwarves. Gnomes prefer brains over brawn, and their society shows it. Gnomes are by and large the most advanced technological race, and Dwarves owe most of their mining equipment to the ingenuity of a Gnome. They are capable of seeing through most illusions. Most Gnomes like to tinker, either seriously or as a little hobby, and Gnomes know their way past mechanical locks and traps like none other. Plus, Gnomes, although timid, always try and keep a good attitude about everything. Gnomes are also surprisingly sturdy, and can take a good hit despite their skinny stature.

    Gnome Mages are fairly common, but unlike Humans who focus on destructive magics, or Halflings on practical magics, Gnomes focus on illusions. Since Gnomes have their mechanical creations down to an art, Gnomes use the actual Art to hide these creations. Gnomish Mages are masters of deception, and seeing through lies and illusions. If you need to trick someone, there is absolutely none better than a Gnomish Mage. In warfare, Gnomish Mages have been known to hide their war engines and let the enemy walk straight into the trap.

    Gnome Warriors are rare. For the most part, Gnomes are very peaceful creatures, and do not have a large standing infantry based army. Instead, they focus on war engines. Nonetheless, Gnome militiamen are fierce and strong. They combine the tricky tactics and subtle swordsmanship of the Halflings with the sturdy defense of a Dwarf. Gnomish warriors prefer light shields and small swords, and have been known to keep a few explosive powders on the inside of their shield in case they're ever disarmed.

    Gnome Archers are like Dwarves in that they use crossbows, but their crossbows are among the most advanced ever crafted. Usually, only a Gnome can use a Gnomish crossbow, and they have specialized bolts for them that can explode upon impact.

    Gnome Thieves generally combine their natural illusion capabilities with their thieving skills. Their night vision comes into great use.

    Half-Orc OR Half-Giants - Half-Giants are big, strong, sturdy, and stupid, and ugly. Since they are ostracized by society, they rarely receive a good education of any standard except in warfare. Half-Giants, being hunted by most fanatical monster-hunters, are born into danger and bigotry, and must fight to survive even at a young age. Their parents usually hate them since most Half-Giants are the product of rape. The term gentle giant rarely applies to Half-Giants because of their short temper and their great anger. They are humongous and make the best front-liners of any standard race. Since they are hated or disliked by most, Half-Giants aren't the most persuasive. Instead, they master the art of intimidation to get their way, and take advantage of their fiercesome reputation. Half-Giants are the opposite of Gnomes in that they are brawn over brains. Due to their mixed blood and giant size, Half-Giants rarely live past sixty, but the adventure and danger in their life time makes them live their lives fully.

    Half-Giant Mages exist, but are rarely, if ever, found. Half-Giants simply don't possess the patience of spell casting, and when angry they can barely cast the simplest of spells without it horribly backfiring. However, some Half-Giants use this to their advantage, and learn the most reckless, dangerous spells to augment their combat abilities. Usually, they live as mercenaries or muscle for hire, wandering the lands since they have no home.

    Half-Giant warriors are the ones you want to have your back guarded by. They are strong, sturdy, and big, and scary. Half-Giant warriors like to tattoo themselves with barbaric symbols and wear savage things like skulls or ears of their enemies. They prefer more savage weaponry as well, such as the axe or hammer, rather than the more refined swords.

    Half-Giant Archers exist, but rarely as a single fighter. Instead, Half-Giant bowmen exist in packs of sorts for hire, up to twenty of them usually, and they wield gigantic long bows, larger than any other long bow, and stronger, and use their amazing strength to shoot powerful arrows. They don't care much for accuracy, since one hit in any part of their body is crippling.

    Half-Giant Thieves are so rare because if they're caught stealing, they are generally killed on the spot. Their big size and big hands make it hard for them to disarm traps or break locks, and even harder for them to sneak about.

    Fantasy Monster Races

    Goblin - Weak creatures that prefer to attack in groups. Goblins are small, ugly creatures that are weak, but agile. They can see in the dark, and are very good at moving quietly and riding. They typically fight in tight formations using spears and short bows. They are known to ambush at night, and to run away if they themselves are ambushed.

    Orc - Deadly creatures who perfer to attack in groups. Orcs are very strong, but stupid and lacking common sense and charm. They can see in the dark, but are dazzled by bright light. They have a warfare based tribal society, where the strongest and most deadly Orc leads. Orcs are extremely violent and the bane of all civilization.

    Hobgoblin - Larger cousins of goblins. Agile and tough. Hobgoblins are very good at moving silently.

    Bugbear - The most powerful of the goblinoid monsters. Bugbears are very strong, agile, and tough, but lack charm. They can see in the dark, and are very skilled at moving silently. Their body is difficult to damage. (1)

    Gnoll - Gnolls are nocturnal, tribal monsters with the head of hyenas. Gnolls are very strong, and tough, but stupid and lack charm. They can see in the dark. They are slightly difficult to damage.

    Lizardfolk - Lizardfolk seem to be something between humans and lizards, humanoids with scales, tails, and all that they come with. Lizardfolk are strong and tough, but stupid. Lizardfolk are very difficult to damage. They can hold their breath for long periods of time. They can also attack with their claws and teeth. Lizardfolk are skilled with simple weapons and shields.

    Aasimar - Aasimars are humans with celestial blood down their bloodline. They may have minor distinctive features. Aasimars are wise and charming. They can see in the dark, and can create bright light once every day. They have good hearing and are good at noticing things. They are a little resistant to acid, cold, and electricity.

    Tiefling - Tieflings are humans with demonic blood down their bloodline. Most are indistinguishable from humans, but some have tiny horns or other features. Tieflings are agile, smart, but lack charm. They can see in the dark, and can create darkness once every day. They are good at lying and hiding. They are a little resistant to fire, cold, and electricity.

    Drow - Drow are subterranean Elves with stark white hair and skin black like coal. They are powerful warriors, whether it be with a bow, a sword or a spell, they are some of the most deadly beings in the world. Drows exist in a matriarchal society, where the woman rules and men are treated like second class citizens. The vast majority of them are extremely evil, and hate anything belonging to the above world or relating to light. Drow are blinded by the light and cannot go outside during the day hours, and even the light of the stars and moon greatly bother them.

    Centaur - Centaurs are humans with a horses' body for their lower body. They are large, and move fast. They are extremely strong, very agile, very tough, wise, but stupid. Centaurs can see in the dark. They are a hard to damage.

    Minotaur - Minotaurs are large creatures with the head of bulls. They are extremely strong, very tough, very stupid and lack charisma. Mitotaurs are skilled with greataxes and simple weaponry. They can attack with their gore, which is very powerful at the start of a battle. Minotaurs are never lost, can track enemies, and are never caught off-guard. They are very hard to damage. Minotaurs are good at searching and spotting, and have good hearing.

    Ogre - Ogres are large, ugly monsters that hate to fight fair. Ogres are massively strong, very tough, but not agile, very stupid, and quite lacking charm. Ogres can see in the dark. They are skilled with most weapons, light and medium armours, and shields. Ogres are very hard to damage.

    Satyr - Satyrs are men with the lower bodies and horns of goats. Satyrs are agile, tough, smart, wise and charming. They move quite quickly, and see well in low light. Satyrs are very good at hiding, hearing, moving silently, dancing or singing, and noticing things. Satyrs are alert. They can attack with headbutts, and are very hard to damage.

    Doppelganger - Dopplegangers are weak-looking, hairless, half-formed humans. Despite this, they are strong, agile, tough, intelligence, very wise, and charming. Dopplegangers can see in the dark, and cannot be magically put to sleep or charmed. Dopplegangers are very hard to damage, and very good with lying and disguising themselves. They can change their shape into any medium or small creature, and can read minds in order to better imitate the creature that they are copying. Usually they are employed as assassins and spies due to their shapeshifting abilities.

    Hill Giant - Large, evil humans. Unbelieveably strong, extremely tough, but not agile, and quite lacking in intelligence and charisma. Hill giants see well in low light. They are extremely hard to damage. Hill giants can throw and catch rocks and boulders in combat.

    Stone Giant - Large loners. Stone giants are ridiculously strong, very agile, extremely tough, and wise. Stone giants can see in the dark, and see well in low light. Stone giants are incredibly hard to damage. They can throw and catch boulders and rocks in combat.

    Pixie - Pixies are small creatures who usually wear bright clothing. Pixies are very weak, extremely agile, greatly intelligent, very wise and greatly charming. Pixies see well in low light. They are good with searching and spotting, and have good hearing. They are very difficult to damage in battle, unless struck with cold iron. They can cast a variety of magical abilities at will. Pixies are invisible at all times, unless they chose to show themselves. Spells are not very effective on pixies.

    Hound Archon - Hound archons appear like muscular humans with canine heads, and are good and just. They are very strong, tough, wise and chariming. They are extremely hard to damage unless by evil weapons. They can attack with bites and bodyslams. Hound archons can see in the dark, and see well in low light. They having a menacing, but couragous and good aura around them. They have a few magical abilities that they can cast at will. Hound archons are immune to electrity and petrification, and are resistant to poison. They can also change into a canine shape.

    Gargoyle - Gargoyles appear to be winged statues of stone, until they suddenly attack. They do not need food, water, or air, but they still eat their kill due to their sadism. Gargoyles are very strong, very agile, extremely tough, but very stupid and quite lacking in charm. Gargoyles can fly. Gargoyles are good at hiding, hearing, and noticing things. They hide extremely well in backgrounds of stone, and can hold themselves so still that it is very extremely difficult to tell it is not a statue. Gargoyles are very resistant to damage, unless from magic.

    Jann - Jann are the weakest of genies, formed of all four elements. A janni has great strength, is very agile, tough, very smart, very wise, and charming. It can fly, although slowly. Jann are slightly difficult to damage. Janni take damage after remaining in an elemental plane for two days. Janni can cast a few spells. Twice per day, a janni can magically change a creature's size.

    Troll - Trolls are large, ugly creatures that move ackwardly. Trolls are incredibly strong, very agile, incredibly tough, very stupid, lack common sense and quite lacking in charm. They see in the dark and see quite well in low light. Trolls are very difficult to damage. Trolls attack with teeth and claws, tearing at opponent's flesh if both claws hit. Trolls heal quickly, so quickly that they are capable of growing back body parts in 3-20 minutes, or attaching it instantly by packing it back on the stub. The only damage to a troll that is permenant is from fire or acid.

    Rakshasa - Rakshasas are strange catlike devils with their palms on the back of their hands. They are strong, very agile, greatly tough, smart, wise, and greatly charming. They can see in the dark, and are are greatly difficult to damage unless by good or piercing weapons. Rakshasas can attack with a bite or claws, and can change to any humanoid shape. Rakshasas are very good at lying and disguising themselves. Unless they suppress the ability, rakshasas hear surface thoughts. Rakshasas naturally have the ability to use magic.

    Future Races
    Need a few ideas for space aliens? Well, since there is no vanilla flavor for space races like there are for fantasy, I'll just put up general characteristics about their society that are common in Sci-Fi, and I recommend you come up with the names and biology of these species yourself.

    Collective of Robots - The Robot Collective is a race that was created by another race, and then rebelled and joined together. They are reclusive, and xenophobic. They form a collective consciousness with their AI, and usually dislike other races and simply want to be alone.

    Evil Robots - Much like the Robot Collective, but they believe that steel is better than flesh and that they must rule fleshbeings or kill them.

    Evil War Race - Their whole tribal society is based on warfare and genocide. They're ugly and not very likable, and usually the antagonist for any wars involving them. They're brutal and harsh in war, but generally very wasteful. Slavery of the lesser races is not unknown.

    Proud War Race - Their whole society is based upon service to the State, and protecting the State against aggressors. In warfare, they are honorable, efficient, and incredibly deadly. They respect anyone with honor. In addition, their technology is very advanced relative to other races. Very disciplined.

    Scientific Race - They are mostly peaceful, and generally busy themselves with better knick-nacks in technology, or working in business related to economy. Usually friends with the Proud War Race. However, they can be very haughty to those of lesser technologies.

    Shrewd Merchant Race - They're all business men, and all they care about is profit. Neutral in all affairs, and they have everybody's money.

    Ubermann Race - Think of them as a cross between the Scientific Race and the Proud War Race. They combine peaceful pursuits in technology with a supreme military strength. Ubermenn were once normal Humans, but they have modified themselves genetically to make themselves smarter, faster, stronger, and things like that.

    Zombie/Horror Races
    (Special thanks to DeathByPumpkins for doing the majority work on this.)

    Basic Zombie - The zombie is the most remembered and basic undead creature. Usually a zombie is an undead Human that feeds on the non-infected humans. They are not always undead - some forms of Zombies are merely Humans who have been infected with a virus that merely makes them aggressive and insane.

    Tanker Zombie - A much larger and advanced version of the zombie, the Tanker is a giant zombie, covered in fat and muscle, making it hard to damage, and has much stronger abilities than average zombies and other undead creatures.

    Runner Zombies - Runners are zombies that a lot more savage and they are as fast, if not faster as a normal human, and they have the same abilities as normal zombies, but much more faster and aggressive. They are also known to be acrobatic.

    Chemical Zombie - A very rare type of zombie, the chemical zombies body has been exposed to certain compounds and chemicals that give it various properties, such as acid blood, the ability to expel noxious fumes, and so on.

    Puking Zombie - Puking Zombies are slightly like the Chemical Zombies, but they have an ability to spew out acids and other harmful wastes as a projectile, making them deadly at a distance of several meters.

    Screecher/Banshee Zombie - The Screecher Zombie, also called the Banshee zombie, can make a loud piercing cry that can temporarily make listeners go deaf, and break their concentration. It is rumored that Screecher Zombies were tenor opera singers in life.

    Flame Zombie - A very unusual zombie, this creature is lit on fire, and it has some abilities that the runner has. And for some reason, the fire won't go out, unless the zombie has been dead for hours.

    Hive Zombie - The hive zombie is one of the more interesting zombies as it is made up of a crawling mass of undead insects or small critters, that move in unison to make a humanoid figure.

    Crawler Zombie - These creatures can crawl onto walls by using chemicals inside there body. They have slight abilities of a chemical zombie as well.

    Stalker Zombie - Very similar to the Crawler Zombie, but it is extremely stealthy, and can move very quickly.

    Fungi Zombie - A zombie with some chemical abilities, and can get more chemical energy thus evolving by having contact with other fungi zombies and creatures.

    Animal Zombie - Among the more interesting types of zombies, these are animal that have been infected by the virus. For example, bears, alligators, elephants, etc. An Animal Zombie is incredible vicious, and mostly impervious to pain.

    Skeleton - The skeleton is another basic undead creature and it has abilities to use it's own bones from it's body as weapons. Usually summoned by mad necromancers.

    Skeleton Warrior - The skeleton warrior has the knowledge to use most melee weaponry like swords, javelins, and daggers.

    Hybrid Skeleton - The hybrid is two skeletons fused together to make a large and powerul skeleton creature. Usually consists of one human skeleton and one animal skeleton.

    Werewolf - A vey classic creature, this man can turn into an wolf-Human hybrid beneath a full moon. It possesses super strength and speed in its wolf form, as well as a bloodlust for flesh - preferably Human. It can see in the dark, and its senses are incredibly sharpened.

    Mummy - Among the most powerful types of zombies, it was once a king or a prince (or queen or princess) when it was alive in ancient Egypt or Sudan, and when it died it was wrapped in specially treated cloth, and its flesh treated with specially prepared ointments and... And magic. For the most part a Mummy sleeps, and the only things that can rouse it are very powerful necromantic magics, or to be cursed by an Egyptian (or Sudanese) curse. When it awakes, it is nigh impossible to hurt or stop, and dark Egyptian magic powered by Osiris strikes fear into the hearts of any onlookers. However, it possesses one weakness: its wrappings are especially susceptible to fire.
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    Fantasy Classes
    Standard Fantasy Classes
    Fighter - The ever-loved standard warrior. The fighter's focus is combat, and in that area it is the most versitile. Fighters do not have any features unique to themselves, but they are capable of using most equipment, and learn various combat-related skills that suit their particular tastes.

    Barbarian - Barbarians are the terrifying warriors of the wild. Though they cannot not wear as heavy armour as fighters can, they can go into berserk rages, giving themselves difficulty dodging, but increasing their strength and toughness. While raging, they cannot concentrate for more than a few moments. They are also good at avoiding and taking damage. Rarely use shields, preferring to dual wield or use two handed weapons.

    Rogue - Though rogues are rarely trustworthy, they are terrific companions in a quest. Their sneak attacks are deadly when the opponent is caught off guard, and they are skilled at dodging what others cannot, and even defending themselves as well against multiple enemies as a single enemy. They are the best at dealing with traps.

    Monk - Martial artist and philosopher combined forms the monk. Without armour or weapons, their fists can eventually deal more damage than swords, they can jump very high and dodge exceedingly well. As their wisdom and strength grow, they can speak to all living creatures, kill with masterful strikes, and remain strong even in old age.

    Standard Fantasy Magic Classes
    Mages draw their power from the arcane power that courses through the universe and ties the laws together. Magic systems vary from setting to setting, but these are generally in most settings to some extent to another.

    Wiseman - These are the ones who use all sorts of 'good' magic. They do not specialize, making them versatile in more benign circumstances, or in battle. They gain their knowledge first by studying intensely under a master, and then wandering the world or pursuing one goal with extreme passion.

    Diviner - These are more oracular, and have more peaceful uses. Diviners are often hired by leaders of groups or factions to give them a third eye's view of their competition with other groups, though. They are more information-givers for hire than anything else.

    Enchanter - Enchanters subtly affect another person's mind to be more susceptible to the Enchanter. Enchanters are persuasive and charismatic. They use their magic to make a person more welcoming to direction, or more impressionable to intimidation. However, they dabble in all magic to help them. They are usually in positions of power, and most of the time either pretend to be a great wizard, or hide the fact. As well, they can put people to sleep, and other things like that.

    Illusionist - Similar to the Enchanter, but instead of dealing with the mind, they trick it with illusions. A very popular form of magic among Wizards, but few specialize in it. However, a powerful Illusionist is a foe to reckoned with, since they can trick all five senses and mislead enemies into such confusion and misery that they will not notice the fireball heading their way, or the dagger slipping under their ribs.

    Necromancer - Who doesn't know the Necromancer! Although not necessarily good, they are almost never good. They dabble in the "Death Arts," animating corpses, or corrupting flesh with magical necrosis. Powerful Necromancers can even rip the soul straight out of a person.

    Demonologist - The Demonologist dabbles with Devils and Demons. He uses their black, fiery magic for himself, and as a familiar he generally has a demon of some sort. Powerful ones can call forth Devils to do their bidding.

    Elementalist - Rarely stable, these Wizards focus on one element and master its uses in combat. Devastating in combat, but lack the passion for knowledge that the other Wizards have.

    Witch / Warlock - These are not to be confused with Demonolists and Necromancers. Although they dabble in those arts, they are more akin to Wisemen, except that they use "Dark Magic" instead of the 'good' magic. Cursing and hexing things are their specialty.

    Good Cleric - Rather than drawing their magic from nature after much studying like other Wizards, the Cleric draws his magic from his faith in a deity. This grants them similar powers, but they are more supportive and indirect. A good cleric specializes in healing spells.

    Evil Cleric - Same as the Good Cleric, but they specialize in harming and summoning undead or demons patronized by their deity.

    Exotic Fantasy Classes
    These are classes that combines both magic and fighting. However, there is a bit of trade-off since they are not as proficient in either.

    Bard - They combine the grace of a dancer and the voice of a siren to lull enemies and inspire their allies with music. Their music is magically enhanced, and they can cast a few minor spells, and they are almost as deadly with a blade as a Rogue, but are not as good of sneakers. Everyone likes a Bard, since they are well-spoken and knowledgeable. Not all Bards sing for music, though, and it is common for them to use a lute, or a flute, or a harp.

    Runeknight - Typically Dwarven, or Human, these fearsome warriors are covered with tattooes that contain magical energies that enhance them to make them stronger, or faster. A Runeknight typically guards a Witch or a Wiseman as a bodyguard and friend. Their weapons and armor are very enchanted as well.

    Nightblade - These insidious assassins combine illusionary magics with their blade. They are expert sneakers and their ability to lay ambushes are the stuff of legends. However, when their cover is blown and they lose the element of surprise, there is not much they can do except run. Their illusion magic doesn't consist more than deepening shadows and creating mists and ridding the reflective parts of their metal. They cannot create images of Monsters or trick the mind as well as a pure Illusionist can, and they are only adept at Sneaking, which means they cannot disable traps very well, or disarm locks.

    Swordspell - The Swordspell, typically Elven, combines the elegant power of the Art with the brute efficiency of the sword. They do not wear any armor heavier than studded leather or the such, and so they are armed only with their magic and their blade. Most of their magic is centered around their blade, as well, allowing them to make it catch on fire at command, or make its edge sharper. Sometimes they'll use their magic as distraction, or to exploit a hole with a magic missile that wouldn't normally be exploited with a blade.

    Paladin - Everyone knows who the Paladin is. He's the fanatic religious guy in the shining armor with a sword in one hand and the holy scriptures in the other, slashing down heretics and evil everywhere he goes. The Paladin is like a cross between the Fighter and the Good Cleric, so he combines the holy fury of his deity with his powerful sword arm. Paladins are leaders wherever they go, and the only enlist men who are righteous and believe in his cause. A Paladin doesn't go on a quest; he goes on a crusade.

    Blackguard - The darker, and more sinister counterpart of the Paladin. At first look, he might look like a mere gloomy Fighter, but he is by far more than meets the eye. The Blackguard is treacherous, and he worships his deity with fierce fanaticism, but he is not as open about his faith as the Paladin. Instead, he quietly goes about doing his god's duty until the time comes for him the slay the misguided 'good' people and use his god's terrible and black fury much in the same way a Paladin does, but twisted and black. Never trust a Blackguard.

    Wizard-Duke - Although not necessarily a member of nobility, this class arose from rich men with a history of fighting with a sword arm wishing to dabble in magic for more power. These Wizard-Dukes found a sponsor demon, some twisted devil from the depths of Hell who will come at the Wizards-Duke bidding and help fight with him. Think of him as a cross between the Demonologist and the Fighter, but instead of focusing on his blade like the Swordspell, he focuses on his demon and using black helly magics with his sword.

    Arcane Archer - The Arcane Archer uses his bow and magic together much like a Spellsword does, making his arrows burst like fireballs upon impact, or hone in on an enemy so the arrow hits unerringly. They are typically Elven, and they are much like Rangers in that they pursue their marksmanship in the forest hunting and then study their Art in civilization.

    Spirit Archer - Similar, but not quite the same as the Arcane Archer. The Spirit Archer arose from the wild lands where barbarian and nomadic tribes roamed the plains and the rocky highlands. They were once shamans, but when the call to war was raised, they picked up a bow and arrow and marched with their hunters, using their farseering abilities and the holy magic granted to them by their deity to strike down foes from a mile away and lead their people to victory. Some Spirit-Archers, though, must go on a pilgrimage to find their God. They are closely attuned to nature, and it is debated whether they receive their magic from a divine source like Clerics, or from Nature itself like a Druid. Spirit Archers will answer it is both.

    (more to come)

    Modern Classes
    Standard Modern Classes

    Soldier - The soldier is brute force, the strength of the team. They are very skilled with their weapon of choice. While they are required to be trained with firearms, their weapon of choice can be any weapon they can use, even unarmed combat or wrestling maneuvers. They can give tactical aid to their party.

    Martial Artist - The martial artist approaches combat with their fist. Their martial arts can be very damaging, and their attacks are rapid. They can enter battle with deadly flying kicks, and dodge better than most classes. They will use knives and fistirons as well.

    Gunslinger - The gunslinger is especially accurate with their gun of choice. If they can wield a gun in one hand, they can fire at enemies point-blank without exposing their weaknesses to other enemies. They can fire faster than most people, they are harder to hit in a defensive position, and their shots are accurate.

    Infiltrator - With a quick sweep of the eyes, the infiltrator can get the lay of the land. He specializes in usage of knives and pistols, and sniper rifles. Prefers the quiet takedown with minimum resistance. Not the best in an all out firefight, but perfect for a stealthy assault.

    Field Scientist - The field scientist can dodge attacks using their wits, not just their speed. Similarly, they can use their wits to guard their attacks with their one-handed weapon of choice. They can use their knowledge to build tools out of seemingly useless items.

    Techie - The techie can use fix anything electronic or mechanical, and is proficient in usage of almost every firearm. The jack of all trades, and the master of fixing things.

    Field Medic - The field medic is skilled at treating injuries, and can heal more with a medical or surgery kit than most people. They can treat patients even when distracted. Not created for the firefight, nor the brawl, but can hold their own.

    Personality - The personality is a celebrity of some kind, able to smooth-talk their way into private parties and invitation-only events. Their income is significantly high. They are charismatic enough to convince individuals to treat the personality as a trusted friend. As well, they are capable of bringing out despair, hope, or anger in an individual.

    (There haven't been many Modern RPs here for a while, so until then, this section is going to be pretty bare. - X2)

    Psionic Classes (Future & Modern & Fantasy)
    Psionics can use telekinesis and telepathy. It is not to be confused with magic, which is drawn from the power that keeps the laws of the universe in check, but is instead drawn from sheer willpower and natural gift. Note that since there are not enough Psionic classes to for individual settings I will add which Setting a Psionic class will be applicable to. Psionics tap the power of the Mind, using sheer willpower to change physical reality or tap into other minds. Their powers can be divided into: Telekinesis, the affecting of physical objects by Willpower (such as throwing something); Telepathy, the affecting of another's mind by Willpower (such as detecting hidden emotions, or seeing how someone is planning to attack you); Verisimilitude, the affecting of physical reality by Willpower (temporarily creating an object out sheer Willpower).

    Psion (All)- The jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to the mind. The Psion is not as powerful at Telepathy as the Telepath, or Verisimilitude and telekinesis as the Psyker, but his skill with the mind is truly a feat of intelligence and willpower. Psions can be found in all walks of life, some of whom hide their ability, and others who wander the world using it to their advantage.

    Telepath (Modern, Future) - The Telepath is the most common type of Psionic. He doesn't exactly read thoughts, but he has an extraordinary gift of intuition and empathy and a bit of psionic ability that allows him to guess very accurately what someone is thinking, or what emotions they are feeling. The more powerful they are, the more powerful their psionic ability is until the very powerful ones can even read minds and delve deep into people's psyches. (Note that roleplaying this class is very hard.)

    Wilder (Psycho for Future) (Fantasy, Future) - These Psionics have an astounding gift, but it is combined with an unsteady mind making them a very dangerous and unpredictable foe and ally. They are not necessarily insane, though. Their great power in Psionics comes at a cost, though: they cannot control it as well, and its chaotic element will cause their psionic abilities to backfire on the Wilder, causing him mental enervation.

    Psyker (All) - Possibly the most powerful of the Psionics, they are the most gifted in verisimilitude and telekinesis, while having almost no ability in telepathy. They can shoot missiles willed into existence by their gifted minds at enemies that can shred them to pieces, call giant rocks from out of the blue to fall from the sky and crush enemies, and other things. However, the process is incredibly tiring, and a Psyker will not last as long in battle at their full potential.

    Future Classes
    Soldier - The Soldier is like your modern class Soldier, but better trained and has access to high tech weaponry. He shines in the firefight, where he can keep his cool and target the enemy while keeping cover.

    Space Swashbuckler - The Space Swashbuckler is like the Rogue of the future; he's been everywhere, seen everything, and managed to (somehow) keep all of his limbs attached. His technique involves something along the lines of cunning, speed, courage, luck, and knowing when to run. A Space Swashbuckler can pilot ships very well, and they are a good shot, but they do not have the military training of Soldiers or Dreadnoughts.

    Dreadnought - Absolutely nothing scares the dreadnought. He is the ultimate weapon, wearing huge armor suits and wielding large weapons, he is a walking tank. He doesn't care about accuracy, or trying to take cover; he just cares about blowing the enemy up.

    Engineer - Engineers know how to upgrade electronical or mechanical tool kits, and build electronic, mechanical, and structural objects quickly. They can repair vehicles, mecha, starships, and cybernetic attachments better than others. They can improve all manner of weaponry and weapons systems, sabotage electronic and mechanical objects. Engineers are so skilled that they can perform their skills without lowering their guard.

    Field Officer - The field officer can help their allies succeed at their tasks by providing supervision and guidance. When they are determined enough, the field officer is difficult to manage to hit. The field officer can aid their allies in combat through their tactical expertise. Good field officers motivate their allies into fighting better simply by their presence.

    Agent - The agent is like a cross between the Engineer and the Soldier. He uses light weaponry for stealthy take downs, and either works alone or with other agents. They can be spies or assassins or soldiers. Whether taking down their enemy with a knife or a mile away with a rifle, the Agent is best if you want it done quietly.

    Tracer - The tracer knows one species so well that they find it easy to fool, scare, and notice them, as well as detect their lies and damage them. Trackers are skilled at tracking, even in urban areas. They perform deadly surprise attacks against unwary opponents. They have the amazing ability to remain stealthy while moving.

    A note from your friendly author
    Hello! I see you are reading Basic Races and Classes, written with the OnRPG Roleplayer in mind. Absolutely none of this is copyright. Not a thing. However, I've put in a lot of effort writing and rewriting this thing and I'd GREATLY appreciate it if you put a link to the original topic (found here) to where you stole it and have put it somewhere else. Ty.

    LAST EDITED 07/25/09
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    Wow. :eek:

    Did you write that all up yourself? You must have carpal tunnel now. Awesome work.

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    No, it was written by Lunian, I think. I saw that it was on the old RP forum, so I decided to copy and paste it.

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    i'd like to request a special race added to the list.
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    wow.. too much effort you've done there.. but its great.. ^_^

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    Rewrote it so it didn't look so much like a rip off from a D&D book, and could actually be used a guideline for character and setting ideas.

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    If Lunian wrote it, it probably was at least partially ripped from a D&D book. He told me he played it once or twice I think, a long time ago.

    I agree that it didn't work at all for a messageboard where most people don't know D&D, though.

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    Updated again. =]

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    I would like to mention one I made if that's okay

    it's called the Asarii, and I made a website on them

    and how could you forget Nekos and hybrids!! *sobsobsob*
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