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Thread: Wonderking Online - Rainbow Man is the best NPC ever.

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    Default Wonderking Online - Rainbow Man is the best NPC ever.


    Rainbow Man is the best NPC ever


    I've noticed a handful of people that have regained interest in this game because of this, I've been asked to make an updated thread for it (my sore hands, ow). Regardless of the state of my hands after typing this, this thread is for those seeking help, information and people to play Wonderking Online with. While I understand a large portion of you hate Wonderking and other 2D sidescrollers because of it usually being a clone of Maple Story, you must understand that some of us like the pace and gameplay of Wonderking alot better than Maple Story and for that I'd like you to please refrain from coming in this thread and pointing out the obvious, that this game is similar to its predecessors in many ways.

    To the point, I'd like the rest of you lot to point out any misinformation, typos or missing content from this OP so that, like most of my other threads I can improve on it.

    About WonderKing

    Wonderking is essentially Maple Story with a couple of more features and smoother and nicer looking graphics. The game has a lot less grind and gamed support instantly making the game more likable than Maple Story. With its catchy log in screen music, flashy skills and smaller, more likable community; it's easy to imagine why some (like myself) have chosen to play this as a nice, relaxing time sink. The game has the usual classes which can be seen here and incredibly wacky looking weapons and armor that aren't just thongs or leather straps. More importantly, the game will eventually have housing, marriage, PvP, RvR and Boss raids. While it's possible that we won't see such features in awhile we might awell come along for the ride and enjoy what made Maple Story so addictive, plus more but this time, you'll level even faster! :3

    Some of you don't know but I'm rolling this game as a healer. That is so that I can take care of you fragile nerds. If there's going to be a guild or something planned for this game, I figured that I, the creator of this thread should take a supportive roll. What's better than being a heal slave for the rest of you? Nothing, because I love you all sooooo much! But in reality, I'm leaving the making of the guild to someone who's a super man of some sorts and grinds his way fast enough to make it first. When it's made I'm going to put the information in the OP. I go under the name 'Caretaker' (Because I care about you all so much) and like most of you, I'm playing on the first server - Windus. So if you see me, give me a shout and I'll happily reply.

    Why should I play Wonderking?

    I don't really know, the game is no Jesus, that's for sure. I'm usually under the assumption that most of you guys have nothing to play, which is usually why I make these threads. If you do have something else to play, go play it. If not, please feel free to join us in relaxing 2D paradise. The game has the core gameplay of Maple Story, the Grind of Hello Kitty Online and the Voice Acting of a 4Kids dub (Talk to Rainbow Man). If you like the sound of this then you'll certainly love playing Wonderking Online!


    Please keep in mind that as usual, the official screenshots of the game (or any game for that matter) suck.

    IGN List
    [Format: OnRPG Name - In Game Character : Class - Server]

    Tax - Caretaker : Mage (Saint Branch) - Windus
    minajkl - devilsummoner : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    shaedow - Roseaya : Scout (Ranger Branch) - Windus
    kait0s - Hiccup : Scout (Ranger Branch) - Windus
    *sky - Sieye : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Badpcguy - EverySoul : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Ponder - Gene : Swordsman (Branch Unknown) - Windus
    Candyholic - Glay : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Shovel - Shovel : Thief (Ninja Branch) - Windus
    Pokemon With A Tampon - Dorkmeister : Rouge (Knave Branch) - Windus
    Energize - vXIII : Rogue (Knave Branch) - Windus
    Kashis - Kashis : Rouge (Knave Branch) - Windus
    Holypancake - Brutalizer : Rouge (Ninja Branch) - Windus
    marcipaans - DeepShiiet : Swordsman (Paladin Branch) - Windus
    poeticas - Tapke : Scout (Ranger Branch) - Windus
    Karies - Karies : Swordsman (Berserker Branch) - Windus
    ACREON - MrsMudkip : Swordsman (Paladin Branch) - Windus
    ACREON - Serenity : Scout (Ranger Branch) - Windus
    Hatashi - Hatashi : Rogue (Branch Unknown) - Windus.
    Zilo - Zilo : Swordsman (Paladin Branch) - Windus
    QuakeStriker - QuakeStriker : Scout (Gunner Branch) - Windus
    *hotyman - Valandin : Rouge (Assassin Branch) - Windus
    Froob - Smeg : Scout (Gunner Branch) - Windus
    Ryauneru - RagnaVorra : Swordsman (Branch Unknown) - Windus
    GenFrost - GenFrost : Rouge (Branch Unknown) -Windus
    MageMoa - iMoa - Thief (Ninja branch) - Windus
    Speed - Cornflake : Scout (Gunner Branch) - Windus
    ShadowOp - syria : Mage (Branch Unknown) - Windus
    Sleet - Chion : Rouge (Ninja Branch) - Windus
    ridamgame - lamestscout : Scout (Branch Unknown) - Windus
    withthechris - crucio : Mage (Saint Branch) - Windus
    Viiral - Viinja : Thief (Ninja Branch) - Windus
    Ethelwulf - Blaster : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Imepime - Imepime : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Venraga - Moki : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Arri - Azhika : Swordsman (Paladin Branch) : Windus
    hollowblock8 - MonkeyKong : Scout (Ranger Branch) - Windus
    Domokun - BadassKillington : Mage (Branch Unknown) - Windus
    AkaSnake - AkaSnake : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    desterten - abowie : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    Ednyn - Task : Swordsman (Paladin Branch) - Windus
    Jimmyy - Deploring : Scout (Gunner Branch) - Windus
    rocker20050 - Telecaster : Mage (Warlock Branch) - Windus
    lasthero - lasthero : scout (Gunner Branch) - Windus

    the12ofSpades - xXGilgameshXx : Class Unknown - Kadopan
    SR-71 - Rourk: Rouge (Ninja Branch) - Kadopon
    KeroXIII - KeroXIII : Rogue (Knave Branch) - Kadopon
    Otaku-san - WhiteDragonz: Swordsman (Knight Branch) - Kadopan

    Once again, if you feel like something should be added to the OP, say so. Thank you.
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    I was ready to burst out laughing too

    You dissappoint me D:

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