The Dragon Oath team is looking for talented individuals who would be willing to help us with a design for our wiki page. We are willing to provide a media kit with image content to all of those willing to help, and also will be rewarding the best designer with a 90 day Pegasus Mount OR $100 Cash!!! The winner MUST be able to help us physically update the wiki with the design.

If you are interested in helping us, but don't exactly know how to design a wiki can check out this website! It provides a bunch of helpful tags on how to use pseudo HTML to design a wiki page. It's all relatively simple and laid out for you! Just go to:

When looking for images to use, GameGravity is sponsoring us by hosting a media kit our players can use. You can find an RAR file containing all the images you could ever want here. Just find their post in the forums!

We have a really good idea in mind as well on how we want the page if you know your way around a wiki, but aren't as artistic...use this image as a template for what we are looking for!

Players have until January 15th to complete the designs. Once you have completed a design, submit the document, image, or however you decide to do it to!

We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with...good luck!!!