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Thread: Some FFXIV Sources

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    Default Some FFXIV Sources

    Some time ago Hyarume wrote a post, summarizing a lot of the content that we can expect from this highly anticipated game:
    Final Fantasy XIV Full Update - posted Aug 26, 2009.

    Afterwards, Dontkillmydreams posted a critical article about Final Fantasy XIV compared to other great upcoming games.
    Final Fantasy XIV - Can it handle the competition? - posted Oct 14, 2009.

    And of course it's good to know the beta applications are open:

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    I am starting to wonder about this site and how the games get their ratings. How is a game that isn't even out of development stage yet, considered the top for best rated games?
    lmao...wonder if it's like the phone book here....the more you pay, the bigger and better the ad n ratings n stuff. Silly me actually thinking this site's numbers n stuff were actually valid..har har.

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