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    Default Welcome to this section!

    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to this new section.
    This section is all about Final Fantasy XIV.
    It seems as Square enix will bring another great MMORPG to this world.

    What are your expectations?

    Have they learned from the flaws that XI had? Will we see new playable races? (like the Gria discovered in the art of the game) Let's speculate!

    Yours truly,

    Jeffrey Kerkdijk

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    Ah Final Fantasy XI, I don't remember why I stopped playing it, probably because I really wasn't getting anywhere in it and I got frustrated at losing EXP, which really stunk. As for FFXIV when I heard about this, I was curious, then I saw a video of it (I forget where) but it looks pretty much the same as XI just with improved graphics and hopefully a better system.

    I'm sure this'll be great whatever the case, I can't wait to find more on this.

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    ty and hi ^^
    After finishing FFXIII jap im even more curious of FFXIV and since im a FF fan even got the music disks from like all series xD ,i hope there will be a collectors boxset for FFXIV ... would be great if we all get selected in upcomming betas also a jap friend said that combat might be like white knight chronicles on ps3 but its not sure since its not from a source ^^
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