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    Default Add Game: R2beat

    Note: First time submitting a game

    Game Name: R2beat

    Game Description: Welcome to Weimar Island, the theme park where players skate as "Rhythm Riders." R2beat combines the normal racing-type genre with the music-key pressing genre, creating a hybrid of both world. Explore many modes with items or just your speed, and beautiful levels and obstacles that will test your skills. Enjoy relay races, team races or maybe just solo.


    Speed Mode: The Rhythm Riders here will be put to the test based on the accuracy and precision. Pressing the correct keys to the beat of the music will allow your boost to fill faster, as well as earning more combos. But watch out! If you mess up, your booster will fall and you will lose some speed.

    Item Mode: In this mode, the Rhythm Riders will have to brawl it out in a classic racing with items. With many items like bombs, freeze and smoke, it'll put the player to the test. With the same objective as speed mode, item mode drops the boost ability and instead brings out items.

    Hybrid Racing-Music Game: The overall game play of R2beat is to race and win. To do it, however, you get to select from many music that will set the mood for the race. Obstacles will appear, where certain key patterns or combination will allow you to jump, duck, turn, or even rail the obstacles. The faster the music, the harder the game becomes.

    Publisher: Seed9

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: 3D Graphics

    Status: Open Beta


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    Yay! I was really sad with PSU closing its service for PC players... This really cheered me up, thanks!

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