So, I played WK to give it a try, It's actually pretty fast paced; I find myself bashing the keys and watching numbers (and monsters) fly across the screen.

I actually like the quest system in WK over the one on MS.

Thing is, WK was JUST released in the US. It has room for improvement and of course it has its set of hackers. (i've only seen one hacker so far but i've only played for about 10 hours)

Remember V.36 of GMS? It was hacker-galore!

WK is being a bit laggy since the sudden uproar of new players but surely it will die down in a bit.

(To MS' defense I've played MS since BETA and i CANNOT let go of it. I see myself trying to level a bit a few years from now. WK still has to earn the LOVE that I have for MS.)