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    Exclamation [Knights of Gaia - The Crusade] - [REVAMPED-Alpha Starting 5/15/10]

    [Dont forget to Vote ]

    [!!And now running and coded with DX8!!!]

    -=[Knights of Gaia - The Crusades]=-

    I-[Game Information]-

    Updates - All new client/game [Revamped]
    Client/Server Source - Made by Spainion.
    Style - Medieval
    Graphic Style - 2D(made with Direct X8)
    Map Style - Unending Scrolling Maps

    II-[In Process/Working-Features]-

    -Party System(100%Complete)
    -Friends List(100%Complete)
    -Elevation System(100%Complete)
    -Custom GUI(100%Complete)
    -Highscores statue(100%Complete)
    -Full Screen(100%Complete)
    -Slow/Freeze Spells(100%Complete)
    -Pets/Summoning System(100%Complete)
    -Slow/Freeze Spells(100%Complete)
    -One Map(100%Complete)(One huge map not 50x50 scrolling or this map to map bollocks, I'm
    talkin one map it, can be as huge as I want it to be.)
    -Custom Chat System(100%complete)
    -22 Complete Skills(100%complete)
    -Hand to Hand
    -Blunt Weapons
    -Rods/Long rods
    -Off. Magic
    -Def. Magic
    -Light armour
    -Heavy armour
    -Enchanting armour
    -Full Mini Map(100%complete)
    -Full Questlog System(100%complete)
    -Shadow System(100%complete)
    -Faction System(100%complete)
    -Npc Vs. Npc(100%complete)
    -Town Control(100%complete)(Take over and control towns)
    -8 Frame Sprites(100%complete)
    -Diagonal Movement(100%complete)
    -Action Bar(0%Complete)

    IV-[Story/Ingame Tuts./Controls]-
    -=KoG Alpha Story Line=-

    -The new land of Gaia has recently been discovered, and Elodaar is recruiting anyone and everyone to explore the secrets and wonders of this mysterious world. This is your chance to make something more of your life, more then just being the average civilian. You approach the fleet of the crusader's warships more ready, but also more nervous than you have ever been before.
    -The journey by sea was long and lifeless, it seemed like it would never end. The idea of you going to a land that has been forgotten by time terrifies you. As you come upon the shores you see the forests are thick and the mountains climb into the misty clouds. However, it seemed to have an eerily calm and untouched feel to it. Only being on this new land a few short minutes, you can already sense the dangers of this mysterious and dark place. The beaches along the island's western coast are littered with corpses-this island doesn't seem to show the gratitude that Elodaar expected. Of course the few officers that are guarding the beaches will show you the ropes. But beyond those thatched fences… its just you, your blade, and your will to survive. The adventures will be far more difficult than you could ever imagine, but there will be rewards for the brave crusaders that survive.
    -After pushing your way through the dark, misty and far out lurking dangers of the Targossian Forest you know now what lies ahead within this “new land" we crusaders are calling Gaia. The outpost of Targos provides shelter and supplies to any of the Crusaders new to Gaia, and its also the first place where anyone has been courteous enough to give you some direction to the area you're in,as you have felt almost completely lost until now. There is a settlement up North, and a dark crypt to the South. As you meet a traveler outside Targos he tells you of a mysterious light seen coming from in the abandoned crpyt- and what kind of adventure would this be without seeing the crypt first?
    -The crypt seems unwelcoming at first. But oddly enough it does not look as dangerous as everyone has said, but this could change with further inspection. The creatures here seem more powerful then the monsters out in the Forest, but they are much more docile. They almost seem lifeless. The staircase is long and spirals down to what seems like complete darkness. At the bottom of the crypt, there is an odd shaped wall. The rocks look almost as though they were placed together perfectly.You touch the cracked and damp wall out of curiosity- and all of a sudden loud clicks and crashes surround you,and the wall begins shaking violently and shifting to the right. As you peer down the dark corridor that has been exposed you see a stairway of stone leading down into the dark abyss.
    -Now destiny is right before your eyes. Are you going to be that Crusader that you’ve always dreamed of being? Or will you continue this dull and boring life of yours? Enter into the world of Gaia, and explore the endless treasures and mysteries that behold you!


    -You start off in the small village of Targos on the island known as “Gaia.” You meet some officers in the town and introduce yourself. They show you the basics of the game and how to hold your own in Gaia- as well as provide you some thin leather armor and sword to get you started on your journey. After this you are free to leave the outpost.

    -You are now in the Targossian Forest, where you fight your way through entrance level monsters and really learn the basics of the game and being in Gaia. There are only a few quests, nothing spectacular. This first zone basically focuses on honing your skills.

    -=Tarogs/Targossian Forest Quests=-

    1. [Entrance into the New Land] - This quest is obtained from the Officer Garthor in Targos. He tells you how to use your weapon as well as how to move and run. He also demonstrates to you how to use different basic mechanics of the game. Officer Garthor then requests for you go to the Commander Helmoral at the front gates of Targos. You’ve completed your first quest! You are rewarded with a Training Sword and thin leather armor. He thanks you, and sends you on your way.

    2. [Pesky Snakes!] - There’s an old troll inside a shack in the midst of the Targossian Forest. She hasn’t been able to go outside to work on her garden in weeks. She’s looking for you to kill the snakes lurking around her house so she can safely work outside in her garden. She will rewarded you with experience, food, and a few gold pieces.

    3. [Securing Targos] - Bayard the Crusader, who's hanging around outside guarding Targos, wants you to prove yourself as a Crusader of Gaia. Go out into of targos and kill the bandits in the far South Eastern part of the forest. They have been stealing supplies from the camp, bring back their hoods as proof of their demise. This will get you on their good side! You will be rewarded with experience and some gold pieces.

    4. [The Crypt of the Targossian Forest] - There’s an elder in the magic shop conveniently located in Targos. He just so happens to be looking for something he lost in the crypt while he was doing some research in the far depths. He warns you of the dangers that lurk about in the crypt. You will be rewarded with experience, and a piece of armor!

    5.In the dark - ( Dungeon Quest ) Working on the details of this quest
    - Storyline Conflict
    6. The Truth - ( Dungeon Quest ) Working on the details of this quest
    - Storyline Conflict
    7. TWOLL! - ( Obtained at the end of the Dungeon ) - This quest sends you off to the Caves of Twoll in the Northern Section of the Targossian Forest.

    -Once at the end of the Crypt you find a doorway to the first “Instance dungeon” of the game. An Instance Dungeon is just a dungeon. But only you and your party can enter. Everyone else who enters that instance. Are teleported to the same dungeon. But on a map specific to their party.

    -After you have finished all your quests that involve the Crypt, you can make your way up into the Northern section of the Targossian Forest and continue your journey.

    Gun’Daar : Realm of Gaia ( Dungeon )
    -When you made that decision to become a Crusader, and you entered the doorway in the Crypt; you were warped to some other…. Realm. Or so it seems. Everything looks different here. Elegant and intricate. This place looks like some sort of fantasy land. Even though it may look like a fantasy land, it is NO one’s fantasy. This place is filled with nasty creatures of all sorts that would like nothing better than the pleasure of killing you.
    You are an intruder.

    This instance dungeon is going to bring out the real story behind Gaia!


    -=-=-=-=-=-= [Knights of Gaia-The Crusades]=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    =-= Overall Completion =-=
    [ |--------|------------| ]
    =-= [World] =-= =-= [Coding/Scripts] =-=
    [ |--|------------------| ] [ |----------|----------| ]
    [30%] [70%]
    =-= [GUI] =-= =-= [Story Line] =-=
    [ |-------------------|-|| ] [ |-----|---------------| ]
    [90%] [40%]

    VI-[Jobs Open]-
    [I am really only looking for spriters and gfx artists.]


    [New! Races]





    -[Some Screenshots of things about the game]-

    [New! Ingame Screenshot]

    [Sprite Sheet]



    Inquistor - Amazing Tile Sets
    Deviant Art Friend/WorldofWar - For Class Pics
    Echostorms - Possibly Sprites and Items
    Unknown - Rest of Items/PD(If your please inform)
    Breeze items - Some items and PD
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    Your Mapping Is Pretty Amazing Except for the Chimney near the Fountain doesn't seem to work there maybe it just me I would defiantly like to see how this game turns out!

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    Add me on MSN, I may be able to help out in some way.

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    I hate to be a buzzkill but some of those graphics are property of Enterbrain. They are for their product RPG MAKER XP and usage outside of their product is in violation of their usage terms. If you have their permission, disregard this message. This is just a heads up.

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    Default KoG REVAMPED

    Knights of Gaia has been totally revamped
    huge gfx update and many new features.
    The whole game source was rewriten and
    runs now on DX8. Take a peak at the new
    W.I.P right here on the post or be sure to
    check out the KoG Website and check out
    the forums. Special items will be given out
    to active members before the alpha is release
    in early may.

    [Kog Website]

    Well things are getting close to alpha testing phases.

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    Default id like to help

    hey i know how to programm a game but sadly my cpu and internet arent capable. your game sounds along the lines of what id like to make so i would like to help out with ideas or any other way i can.

    Contact me at or post a reply thankyou.

    i forgot to mention i can do 2d programming sorta just tell me the program(s) to download and i can hope we get to work together sincerly MMORPG DUDE.

    also I believe you used eclipse considering it was a link on your website. I've used other MMORPG makers before but werent that good so tell me what you need me to make if you let me on the team and I will do it A.S.A.P.

    I downloaded eclipse and I'll be testing it so please contact or reply I can't find anyone else to work with.

    if u used directx8 i think u did im confused im getting that to so like everything else i said contact/reply hope to work with you etc.
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