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    Default Don't Start It

    With the opening of Aion, Frogster support has quietly but steadily been withdrawing support from Runes of Magic, while of course denying it. As yet there have been no in-game promotions, although the primary contact with management in game are constant warnings about illicit transactions. ("We'll ban you from the game if..." phrased in the construction "Players who...")

    A review of threads above shows the inequitable banning. One incorrect thing is that only some of the accounts were reactivated, and one in my personal experience was unlikely to be illegitimate. I happen to be a guild "leader", and have been nearly since the start of open beta.

    During the last two weeks there has been extended downtime, with no apology, only a "thank you for your consideration". The improvements have yet to work at first try; every expansion has resulted in considerable downtime. The staff is smilingly inept and eager to ban, nearly as eager as they are to make money. They actually should close the game or better turn it over to someone with the staff and intelligence to support it.

    I was in data processing for thirty years. While this hardly supports extended graphic architecture, the pretense of knowledgability is inexcusable. They don't know what they're doing.

    There was that huge loss of guild resources. There has been another smaller one, and it also affected newly constructed toons, along with transports of items through the mail (and my own guild contributions, which was the reason I am sure of the problem). However, Frogster demands "proof" of any such occurrence. Unfortunately, I'm rather committed to the game (52/53 Rogue/Mage) although I am in fact trying out other MMORPG's.


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    Lol so true there ban happy, i remember spending 100 euro in this game a year ago it was very good back then altought the support sucked from the start i reported a harraser and got banned losing everything i payed for.
    After sending them 5 mails and treaten them to pull them into court i finnely got my acount back.

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    very good. Thank you for sharing!
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    This poster is 100% correct...I was a dedicated player, not a gold seller or scammer...and was banned for this post:


    Well you know I'm your friend Angel so dont take this the wrong way......but I certainly cant resist this opportunity to pile on and show I will NEVER kiss Icari's A$$ and the rest like they want in a poster!

    Originally Posted by WinterAngel
    Okay Frogster/Runewalker , GMs, GTMs Tech support, cust**** service Listen up. I have been the BIGGEST cheerleader of this game for the past 2 years---------- As for me I am one of their biggest critcs, and deservetly so!!!!!

    , NOT one single time have I ever bashed a GM or GTM--------I take every opportunity to give them the bashing they deserve, LOOK I support this game finnancialy regularly and regularly feel CHEATED!!!!

    but this is growing old really fast. I have paid my dues to this game, do I want special treatment NO I do NOT, I only want treatment every cust**** expects and deserves.----------Ive spent more then a pay supscription here, and my charecter is not near as powerfull as he would have been at a pay MMO...cuz you people at Froogie gouge me for puris and stuff i need!

    I have played this game daily for almost 2 years now, I have been one of the biggest advocates for this game, (ask anyone that knows me) I do not allow anyone in my guild to Bash GMs-----------Once again I refuse to play Icarii's kiss my a$$ (ring or whatever of the great Lord) game!

    ever but I can not keep defending a game that keep failing me and the rest of the population. After 2 years, I have NEVER seen the servers so unstable, I am not sure why nor do I care, but after this long I do expect some advances in progress here. Just as we as players need to update our computers, I expect that Frogster do the same, perhaps you have but apparently it isn't enough to keep us from this weekly down time.--------In just my year here Ive come to expect it!

    This is ONLY a game, but to me this is more then a game, I have a ton of friends here I have invested time, and energy into building a guild I believe in and I have invested more money then people do on wow in 5 years. If I get a ban so be it, because honestly out of everyone I have started this game with I am one of the only ones not to be banned, I do not cheat, i do not lie, I only tell the truth and if you want to ban me for being honest that is on you, NOT ME.-------------Dont worry, they would hve already bannned me more then once,but pouriing in my regular cash cards is all they really care about lol, that seems to buy you a lot of forgiveness.

    I want a game that works-----------Again you ask for too much

    , I believe in RoM,--------I dont, dont get me wrong,the gane is fun(when it worrks) but I only believe in God, RoM ei Froggy regularly dissapoints me

    I don't want to quit yet, I do not want to give up on it,----------I quess they know a sucker like me when they see one

    but you guys need to pull it together and stop doing whatever it is you are doing and get this crap working right. Server issues are not runewalkers fault, game bugs are, atm I am talking about server issues. Bugs well ya I want them fix but that is for another day.----------Dont hold your breath their lady!!!!

    I Love you guys, Icarri, Eres, Hathorne, Lazlowe, Ithiel, etc etc,--------I dont, and will take every opportunity to bash them they deserve it!!!!

    You all know I defend u left and right--------Again I wouldnt!

    but please all I'm asking is for working servers. I promise I'll drive down to SF and buy a round on me, if you can only keep us up and running .---------Again dont hold your breath on that one! I am currently sitting on a few cash cards, without double diamonds crap i DONT get squat here for my $!!!! Dang cheaper to play a pay MMO!!!!

    ( i give this post about 5 mins before it is deleted btw

    Hee hee not untill they read my response...I probably lead you by a large number on banned posts...hmmm my last one I was accused of posting about exploits ei bugs...when I was just trying to bring to light something I thought needed addressing, go figure!

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