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Thread: Still active?

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    Default Still active?

    Is the game still got a good amount of players and heavily active ones? I was thinking about going back to it but i dont want to if the player base is at an all time low.
    Also is it still worth going back to? Or just wait for FFXIV?

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    Well I haven't played for a few months.. but when I did it still had a fair amount, nowhere near as many as the early days, but about the amount I'm used to seeing.. usually like 2000 on at once on midgard, but that server isn't too well populated I hear

    14 is still going to be awhile.. so I don't know, playing would help pass the time atleast until it's out.. I've been wanting to play again too Dx probably going to be totally deserted when 14 does finally get released.. kinda depressing honestly

    You could always make a trial account on your server to see how active it is, before you re-subscribe
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