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Hello to everyone!
Luminary Tour Guide Event Starts now!
You can now post Screen Shots of one place of the map of Luminary with your in-game name and server.
Information on what you can have in that map you posted like mobs, item drop, quest, etc. must be indicated. If it's right, you will receive a random in-game item reward.

Area: It is Frozen Queen's Chamber from Ice Castle.
Monsters: There are Marionettes and Frozen Queen.
Marionette -
Drops: Straw, Snowball, Resin, Clay-Slate Stone, Jade.
Frozen Queen - Steel, Catfish Spicy Soup, Water Stone, Black Stone, Blue Stone Piece.
Quests: Meriel's quest contains killing marionettes, so does Jean's quest and a Title quest for "Puppet Controller"

This area is good for collecting snowballs and straws, also if capture level is high enough the area is good for training it. In area there is a Boss - Frozen Queen, she spawns once in hour.