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    Default A Guide to Quick Cash

    Most of you want to know how to get money quickly. Ill tell you tips i've learned throughout the years.

    1. Hunt with summon. Hunting with summon allows for you to ALWAYS have the opportunity get a full drop. Very useful, and quick if your summon is strong.
    Good monsters to hunt include: Marionette, Frozen Soldier, Blue Lobster, RoundCrab + Horned Shell, Mancow.
    Common hunting summons include: Shaman Ladybug, Dung Fly, Cyclops vine, Horned Shell, Monster Tree, and QQ & CuBear.

    2. Quests. They make you hunt fast, and offer very nice rewards (such as Jean's quest, and higher lvl HG quests such as the Destiny and Doom Tower quest NPC. Also, hunting the mobs gets you a nice amount of mats.

    3. Town shares. Risky business, but can be potentially a billion dollar investment. Always try to apply for town stock when new town opens (3 times a day). Also, buy shares which give high dividends (such as talasha in zeus).

    4. Itemmall. Quick, simple, Good cash.

    5. PK. Can be very profitable if you know what you're doing. make sure you have high HP though, to prevent from getting ganged on.

    6. Participate in events. They pay off well if you're good. Common prizes include candies, fourleaves, and elemental stones. (i.e: Goonzu-run events, spammathons, GM events, etc...)

    7. Pshops. Sometimes, people who run pshops on alts actually open a shop where they buy for the market price. This is good, but we all know that selling in the market is more profitable... Market prices rise and drop often, and many times i've noticed, for examples, someone was buying Okara for 40K each, when there are hundreds listed in market for 36-40, +... Buy em' up and sell to the player shop and you will make instant millions. Worked for me when i needed cash.

    8. Buy in bulk. (i.e: I bought key sets in bulk, and players gave me discount of almost 600mill. Ill make a 600mill profit if i decide to sell them individually.)

    9. Using Fourleaf. Depending on where, you can make a big profit. Profitable places to use fourleaf for me are: Destiny Tower, Doom Tower, Hellgate 2f (for me to hunt my steel mats), and Raccoon Paradise. Don't forget, there's a chance for x100 drop, meaning if you get, for example, a drop of 7 okara, it will turn into 700 okara.

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