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    Default Starting Out guide

    Luminary starting out
    Made by: rappwr

    Luminary is fantasy MMORPG, where people create and develop their characters. You start off as a newby, by discovering world and doing quests to learn about game. Later on you train in different hunting grounds, enchant your weapons and armors, evolve your summoned monsters and do politics. Biggest achievement and goal for all players is to get GoonZu and reign the World of Luminary.

    For being able to play Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu you must have been registered on ijji or on ndoors. If you are registered and logged on, then next step is downloading game from website of Luminary. Guide of downloading and installing: ijji's and ndoors'. Playing Luminary is FREE!

    If game is installed and you want to log in finally, then there are two options to run game. 1'st is from website and 2'nd is from program (2'nd works only for ndoors').
    Next step is selecting server, one click on server shows you who's GoonZu there, rate of prices, population, bonus when getting lvl 20 and little introduction by GoonZu.
    If you chose right one for you, it's time to hit button "Select Server."
    Now you have chosen server and can see 3 blank boxes, there will be your characters. Pick one box and hit button "Create".

    So there are four character types, two girls and two guys. Fabian, Raina (Eastern characters), Calix and Ariel (Western characters). Choose one and choose name for him/her. If your ID contains something bad then it will be deleted without warning, so better don't put anything bad in there.

    Now your character is created and you can see him/her in one box which used to blank if you selected server. Choose your character and hit OK. You will enter to the World of Luminary. There will appear four windows: mentor selection, recommender's box, country selection and your first quest by Sarah Spencer.

    In game you can choose your self a mentor. You can be mentor if you are level 50 or higher player and chose to help lower level player who would be mentees. When you first go into game then mentor selection window will pop out, you can choose your mentor from there by clicking on mentor's name and hitting button "Choose Mentor." You can see mentor's statistic from the list, there is shown: mentor's level, her/his reputation level and is she/he a Guardian Angel or not. There is also option to whisper to mentor before you choose it, this way you can find out is it worth to take that person as your mentor.
    What's in it for mentor? - Mentor get cash reward if mentee levels up to 50 and mentor also gets smaller rewards after each 10 levels.

    When you go to game with your first character of three possible ones, you can choose yourself a recommender. Recommender is a person who told you about this game or just somebody whose name you put in there. You don't need to put there name, so nothing will happen if you leave it blank.
    Recommendation system works for recommender. Every time when you level up your recommender gets points and after every 10 levels (up to level 50) he gets rewards. After level 50 just points, which gaining amount will grow bigger with each level.
    For recommendation points you can buy items from NPC named Reco who is located in Hanyang.

    Your character has stats, like in most of RPGs. With each level up you get +5 points to your stats, which you can place where you want. When adding points to your stats click + and hit “Apply” if you are satisfied. If you mess up your character's stats then it's free to reset them until level 20, after that you must buy status reset ticket.
    Stats and effects:
    ¤ Strength - Str - Allows you to wield armors and melee weapons, adds damage for weapons and makes your inventory weight limit bigger.
    ¤ Dexterity - Dex - Effects physical accuracy and physical defense. Percentage of missing opponent goes lower.
    ¤ Agility - Agi - Effects physical and magic evade. Guns and bows need certain agility level for being equipped .
    ¤ Wisdom - Wis - Adds ManaPoints, each level adds 4 MP. Canes need certain wisdom level for being equipped.
    ¤ Intelligence - Int - Effects magic accuracy and magic defense.
    ¤ Vitality - Vit - Adds HitPoints, each level adds 4 HP. You need HP for taking damage.

    Characters also get tired and so their satisfied fullness points get lowered, they need to eat foods, which give it back. You get food you need from NPC Angelet Drapier or you can buy from market or other player. There are also four systems of your body: digestive, circulatory, respiratory and nervous. Digestive system gets lower while eating food or drinking HP/MP potions. Other three systems get lower while casting spells also respiratory gets lower while mining and nervous gets lower while farming. There are special foods to gain those points back or as alternative you can just wait for them to get back normal. If one of them gets lower than -20 then character's certain systems goes slightly bad, below -30 it gets dangerous - you might get sick. When you are sick then you need to eat pills to get cured, faster the better, longer you wait the more pills you need to eat, it says in your status info what cure you need. When you are sick your health goes lower, normal health and also max health is 110 (you can see your health on upper left corner of screen next to H in little heart). While sick it can go down to 85, every health point equals to 1% of your stats, so if your health is 110 then your stats are 110%, if it is 90 then your stats are on 90% and so on. You can see your body organ systems from status info or you can put little box on screen with them under Menu->system->settings "See body organ." It's recommendable that you keep your health as good as possible.

    In Luminary world you can train 32 different skills. Skills are related to almost anything in game starting from killing raccoons and ending with making pills for headache. You can see your skills from Menu->Skill Info or by using shortcut Alt+s. Skills are devided to 8 different types. It would be easier to devide them into three: manufacturings, techniques and jobs.
    You can train such manufacturing skills as: armor-, helmet-, sword-, axe-, spear-, cane-, gun-, bow-, tool-, ironware-, crystal-, avatar items manufacture. And here should be added cooking and prescription skills aswell. With those skills you can make equpiable or eatable things out of materials.
    Next would be technique skills, which are: sword-, axe-, spear-, bow-, gun-, cane technique. Related to killing, here should be also summon skill, which comes from training with summoned monster next to you.
    Job skills are: mining, farming, fishing, horse training and capturing. With those skills you can produce materials, foods, get summon dolls from monters and train mounts' stats.
    Skills can be trained by two ways (except weapon techniques). 1'st is by reading books and 2'nd is by training them, gaining experiences and levels.
    Training by book - there are three levels at book training, BGN books, INT books and ADV books. With BGN books you can go from level 1 to level 10 of book levels, with INT 11 to 20 and with ADV 21 to 30. Fishing is only skill which can be made to 20 with books, there are no ADV books for fishing. Book training can go up to level 30. NB! Some books take skillpoints (you gain 1 with every levelup), such as weapon techniques, summon skill, all jobs and crystal manufacturing. If you have messed it up with wrong books, then you can get rid of them only by using skill reset ticket.
    Training by exp - as in any other game, you gain levels by experiences. With exp you can go up to level 80 skill. Higher the levels go, more exp they need.
    Skill levels can go up to 110, if book + exp, fishing's max skill is 100. You character can go up to level 120.
    Special training - only for weapon techniques. NPC Alex in Ancient Tomb's field can traing your skills more 10 levels. Each weapon type has its own special skills which have their own special effects. There are two for every weapon, both can go up to 5, but they cost marbles and need technique levels before they are made.

    From level 15 player can use a mount. Mount is an animal you can ride with and it adds your stats extra points. Some mounts are tradeable, some are not. Tradeable are horse mounts and vixen. Untradeable are ones which are gained from key or event box. Your first mount you will probably get with level 15 rankup reward, it's going to be brown foal, stats are poor but still adds some and you get extra inventory for your items. Other mounts have better stats, all different, but mount's inventory is always same sized.
    Mounts from small medal - they all need training and are tradeable. Usually you get brown horse from small medal, stats arent that great, but better than level 15's brown foal. Also there is chance to get a rare mount from small medal: red-, white-, blue-, black horse or zebra. Rare mounts need training like brown one but their stats are better and speed aswell, brown's speed is 15, all other mounts' speeds are 20. Brown's lifespawn is 3000 others' is 5000.
    Vixen spirit orb - item you can get for recommendation points. This item contains vixen, which is foxlike mount with many tails. This mount needs training, but is tradeable. Stats are quite like rare horses' stats, speed is same, life spawn 5000.
    Motorcycle - probably rarest mount. It was tradeable as motorcycle key, after it had been opened it wasn't tradeable anymore. It's strongest mount, adds 20 speed and 80 to all other stats if trained, all stats are 40 when opening key. It needs training, but doesn't eat food as any other mount, but its food is special, like cylinder, screw etc. You lose it's lifespawn only when your riding it, otherwise it doesn't get lower. You can refill it's time by buying Oil from Clara, the ticket seller NPC, one Oil adds 1000 to lifespawn.
    Rare mounts - gained from keys, untradeable, never going to expire. Wolf, Camel, Tiger, Elephant and Flame Hatch. Those mounts were found only from bronze/silver/gold keys, while there was event for them. Now they can be gained from boxes which are sale in itemmall only while events. Their stats are good, speed is 20 for all and never expire, probably best mounts of all.
    Extras for mounts - more boost. In itemmall there are two kinds of extra boosting items for sale. First is Booster Pill second ones are Animal- and Bike Tuning sets. Booster pill adds stats to your mount animal, so does animals' tuning kit also, for motorcycles there is special Tuning set for bikes. Booster pill and tuning items do expire.

    Moving around
    Your speed while moving around depends of your moving way, it can be running, riding mount or teleporting. Boots have their moving speed, if you equip them and don't use mount then you speed depends of boots. If you have mount and your riding it, then it depends of mount's speed. Note that boots' and mount's speed do not stack! You can see your moving speed from your status info window. Faster way for moving around is teleporting, you can teleport to towns, hunting grounds and to party members. Teleporting needs teleportation ticket, one each teleport. There are also ways not to spend them on it, while on heart- and star candy you can teleport for free as much as you like, after candy effect expires, you don't get free teleports. There are teleportation tickets for longer period also - daily-, weekly- and monthly teleportation ticket. When one of those activated you can teleport yourself around as much as you like for free. Two teleports which can be done without ticket are teleporting to your town or to Hanyang. If town has ReturnTower built and you are registred memeber to that town, you can teleport for free to your town at town info window. For teleporting to Hanyang you must pay marbles(not much), open status info window and click on "Teleport to Hanyang" button and it is recommendable to choose marbles option not ticket, since it costs a lot less.

    Player can have summoned monsters since level 20. If you don't get one then you will get one while doing Sparky's quest. Summons are like players, they have stats, gain levels and can kill, some even shoot magic as players. Only one summon can be out at once.
    Summons have SPT, which is time when they can be out, if that goes to 0 then you have to wait till it goes back to normal and you can use summon again. There is potion to stop it going down for 48mins also there is potion to make summons attack and defense 20% better for 48min. Only summoned pet type summons are like that if they lose all their SPT, you need to refill it, otherwise they can’t be summoned again, it can be filled with summon stamina potion.
    There are three types of summons, first is regular summoned monster, evloved from evil raccoon, second is summoned pets and third ones are summoned bosses. Every character has 3 free slots for summons and you can have more if summon storage ticket is used(Clara sells it).
    Regeluar summon is only one that evolves to better ones. You start with evil raccoon and can end with having killer kangashi as summon. First evloves take summon evolution tickets, but after evolving to fruit brothers you will need blessing stones for next evolutions. Note that evolving summons is expensive.
    Second type of summons is summoned pets, that contains QQBear, CuBear, Rudolphin and CatPet. Those are kind of summons that are most like player character - you can equip weapons and armors. For equiping you need weapon stones and armor stones, which can be bought from players, market or itemmall. If weapon or armor is for example level 50, then you need to put 50 armor or weapon stones to your summoned pet for equiping it. Note that your summon must be atleast level 50 then aswell, you are avaible to put stones max in as summon's level is. Those are the summons whose stamina doesn't fill up again without special potion!
    Third type is summoned bosses, as name says they are strong. They have best stats while summoning them(basic stats at level 1). Four different summoned bosses are: Bambi, Frozen Golem, Frozen Queen and Sea Princess. They are hard to get. People were and are able to get Bambi from holiday or other event boxes or lucky raccon pouches. Sea Princesses were obtained from bonze/silver/gold keys. Frozen Queen and Frozen Golem are always able to get, you must have certain number of Old Tickets to get them. Old tickets are abtained from Old Boxes, which come out while fishing with golden rod. Boss summons' stamina refills if it ends, so there is no problem with filling their SPT.
    When summon dies, then it's not dead forever, you can respawn it again. For respawning summon from dead you need resurrection ticket or as much definite summon dolls as the summon's level is. For example if your level 62 Dung Fly dies, then you need 62 Dung Fly summon dolls to get it back alive.
    NPC Vlad - probably summon's best friend. NPC that evolves summons, ressurect them when using dolls(no need for Vlad if ticket) and enters weapon or armor stones to summoned pets. Vlad is found in Hanyang and can be hired in towns.
    If you want to kill with your summon, summon must be out and for attacking you must hold shift button on and click on opponent which you want to attack.

    Quests are definitely one part of gameplay in every game, so in Luminary. Luminary has many NPCs that give you quests, some are related to manufacturing, some to fighting, user titles and ofcourse there are quests for beginners, which help newc****s to learn the game, not so important ones are event quests, which exist in game.
    For getting quest you must talk to specific NPC which gives it, you must have met requirements aswell to get it. If you have accepted quest you see large box on screen and picture of quest giver next to it, smaller arrow on right side makes it back small. Other arrow is for going on with quest, it's possible to go on with it when you have done the part needed. Mostly each part of quest gives little reward(cash, items, exp). You can see what quests want from you and see all your accepted quests from shortcut key Alt+Q. Shortcut key is also useful for gettin quest relay back on your screen after loggin out, it shows there aswell, what you need to do next on quest, if you couldn't understand what NPC had said.
    Quest giver NPCs are found in Hanyang, Ankaran and on field near hunting grounds. Quest givers in Hanyang and Ankaran are ones that give beginner's quests to learn about the game and in Hanyang you also can find quest givers for manufacturing quests.
    Manufacture quests - quests for manufacturing. NPC for those quests are: Armorio, Beltio, Bowin, Axia, Swordina, Dharma, Spears, Gunther, Shoeberto, Beltia, Helmetio, Cindy, Freesia and Helena. Those quests are built up for starting with lowest and finishing with best certain type of items. Those quests need you to get materials and tools for making items, it gets harder and harder the more you on with the quest.
    Fighting quests - contain lots of killing! Starting off with taking first assignments from NPC named Siegfriend von Bismark VII, he is located in Hanyang. Next on after Siegfriend you can go look near Almasha town for Jean the Wanderer named NPC, he will give you next killing tasks. Both give you only killing quests, you can complete these next to other quests.
    Your big quest journey of each hunting ground starts from Strange Hot Spring, ther is a girl named Sophia she gives quest to 25 and bigger level players, she needs her father rescued. Next on if her quests are done you go on with quest from front of Aoji Coal Mine, there is a mine mole named Sparky, he's dream is to have a summoned pet, you better go and help him. After helping Sparky journey goes on to Ice Castle to help Meriel and so on and on with each hunting ground until Ancient Tomb. Each quest giver wants you to have complete last one and be certain levels higher than last quest giver wanted.
    There are two kinds of event quests in Luminary, 1'st is magic lamp quests, 2'nd is holiday event quests. Magic lamp quests are simple, you need to have magic lamp, rub it, do the quest. After getting higher level, you can receive after each 3 hours, you just need to be logged on to get lamp. When you have lamp and you rubbed it, it tells you your quest, if you don't like it you can rub another one and get new. Magic lamp's quest tasks are different like: mining, farming, fishing, killing, manufacturing and some quests might need you to have certain items. Rewards for lamp quests are always experiences (your level x100 exp) and a word of sentence. This sentence has 8 words, words might repeat, so it's not like every 8 complete lamp quests you get sentence done. If sentence complete, you get cash reward, also you have little chance of getting 10 elemental stones, but that is very rare chance. By hitting Alt+Q on your keyboard you can see progression of you lamp quests, clicking on it you can see also how many times have you completed it before. Magic lamps can be sold from player to player. Second kind is holiday ones, while Christmas, Halloween, Easter there is special NPC giving quest for players to complete.
    Title quests are useful if you have complete these. They give attack or defense bonus for your character. You can get title quests from Floria, select one you want and then start doing it, when you haven’t done it and choose something else you need to start previous all over again. Those quests want you to kill or collect. When quest done you can select title for your character which other players can see too. Select or change your titles from status info -> ”Self info setting and reset” button -> ”Title change” button.
    Note that quests aren't necessary to complete, but it is recommendable to do that because if you do it you gain faster levels, more wealth and bigger knowledge about game.

    Shortcut Keys
    Luminary has several shortcut keys in game. They are fun to discover, but also good to know from beginning. Shortcut keys are probably for all kinds of actions in game and help with saving time.

    Ones that players use most are F buttons.
    F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 - You can use an item from your inventory, it is useful to put HP/MP potions and foods under them, it's most comfortable way to use them while fighting.
    F6, F7, F8 - Getting your 1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd summon out with those keys.
    F9 - Will sit on and get off your mount (horse or any other animal you ride with).

    Next category is ones that are used with chatbox.
    /t *Player name* *Text for him/her* - This way you can whisper to other player, between command, name and text must be spaces, username must be written correctly, with big and small letters.
    /p *Player name* - Option to make party or add party member to your party.
    @*Text* - Types your message to town chat.
    #*Text* - Types your message to guild chat.
    $*Text* - Types your message to party chat.

    Ones with Alt button.
    Alt+V - Town info. Shows you residence info and also has button for teleporting to town.
    Alt+C - Artisan info. Shows you best player with definite skill, ask their help.
    Alt+B - Transformation info. Shows you your spirits, spirit enegry and allows you to active spirits which you have.
    Alt+M - Magic info. Shows all magics and stats of magics.
    Alt+A - Status info. Stats, summons, mounts, assets can be seen from there.
    Alt+S - Skill info. See your skill levels and their exp.
    Alt+D - Switches your clothes/armor.
    Alt+F - Friend list. You can add and manage friends from there.
    Alt+H - Game help. You can find answers for your questions.
    Alt+L - PVP League info.
    Alt+P - Takes screenshot. You can see them in your Luminary game folder.
    Alt+O - Options and setting of game.
    Alt+I - Opens and closes inventory.
    Alt+T - Mentor info. Choose mentor or get mentees.
    Alt+E - Open your equipment window.
    Alt+W - Closes and opens mini-map.
    Alt+Q - Quest info. See your quests, get their relay, cancel them.

    Weapon related:
    TAB - Change between your equiped weapons.
    Ctrl+Number - Selects spell (right click casts). See spells from Alt+M.

    Extra shortcut keys are also selectable. Go Alt+O, mark "Set My Menu" and then you can select your own shortcut keys. Press arrow like button on narrow bar to select ones you like. You can activate you selected ones by pressid Alt+number or by clicking on it.

    For sitting down with your character, press “Insert” button.

    Storing your items
    For keeping materials and equipment you need room for storage. Some items stack in inventory, max amount of one stack is 10’000, some items don’t. Ways for keeping items are keeping them in inventory, keeping them in Infinity Box or putting them to warehouse.
    At first you have just one inventory – main inventory. Main inventory has 20 slots in it and has F shortcut key features. For inventory there can be added 3 other spaces, which are Bag one , Bag two and horse’s inventory . Each bag’s storage capacity is 12 slots, horse’s inventory is as big as regular one, which is 20 slots. If bag or horse expires and you had items in that certain inventory, then you don’t lose them, you still can trade, sell, store them to warehouse but you can’t drop those items, active them or place around at inventory. Note that inventories have weight system, seen on top of main inventory, if weight passes limit you start getting hungry faster.
    Infinity Box is extra space feature, which holds up to 32 slots of items. Infinity Box has also special room for treasure items, which are items from bronze/silver/gold keys. You can store treasure items to Infinity Box for free, but Infinity Box itself for 32 extra slots can be purchased from item-mall. If Infinity Box expires you still can get items back from it.
    Third option for storage is warehouse. Warehouses are found in towns and have 100 spots for players, each spot has 30 item slots. You can rent 3 warehouse spots from one town at a time. For renting warehouse spot you need to make contract in warehouse and if building head accepts you, you get your spot. You need to pay every month once you tax for renting. If your warehouse spot starts to expire and you don’t extend contract you will lose your items from it and can get them back by buying them back from NPC Clara.

    "Hope you enjoyed reading, all written by me. It was also entered to a contest of guides, by nDoors, but didn't win it. This guide has images too, but it's kinda bad to attach those in forum. Have fun playing the world's greatest game!"


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    Seems like 100 views for thread is a lot here.

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    cool guide thanks very informative for a newb like me lolz

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    also you should add that if u stuff yourself with food, ur health will go below normal. and you can never regain it all. ex, my health was like 110%, then it dropped to 70%, and i got it back to 100% and now I can't get it to 110% anymore. And you lose some hp and attack and it is imo perminant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nogardreyals View Post
    also you should add that if u stuff yourself with food, ur health will go below normal. and you can never regain it all. ex, my health was like 110%, then it dropped to 70%, and i got it back to 100% and now I can't get it to 110% anymore. And you lose some hp and attack and it is imo perminant.
    Haha, sorry, for that I forgot to add some things

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