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    Default How To Make An Assassin Build...

    Hey... I spent ALOT of money in RO to make loasd of various different assassin builds, but still I do not know how to make one and this is just wasting my dam money T_T

    I normally pick agi, str, dex. I get more agi then str and dex, but when it comes to fighting... I do like 60's and im an assassin cross + level 90...
    So please can you help me make an assassin build. This is really getting out of hand


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    The easiest and decently good Assassin Cross build to make is a standard high STR, AGI, CRIT katar build. You can usually not go wrong with a Critical Katar SinX build.

    This Assassin Cross Build Guide from is really good. It outlines many different SinX builds, but if I were you I would stick with the basic Critical Katar or Dual Dagger builds, which have been proven to work very well.

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