As an avid player of mmo's, I randomly stumbled across this gem. My WoW account had just expired and i was doing what any mmo gamer does when they run out of p2p time, searching for a good replacement for their addiction. I was toying with the idea of starting up on Maplestory again since i had a high level aran that i had been dying to play as when i saw a WonderKing banner on the side of an mmorpg website. I glanced around the official site and thought to myself " This game is probably going to be just like Maplestory." I signed up for an account despite that fact and immersed myself in the world of WonderKing. By the time i had created my first character, I was already appreciating the value and work that was placed into this mmo.

At the character creation screen there is a summary of each class you want to play as, telling you its pro's and con's. I started out as a thief, for I have always been drawn to the mystery around their prowess of lurking in the shadows to overtake ones weaknesses. At the start I was greeted by a helpful on screen tutorial, it wasnt like those little quest's tutorials you get for the simple buttons in most mmo's. It showed a little arrow up and said alt is to jump, it showed two consecutive arrows and said alt + alt = double jump. As someone who just likes to jump into games and get straight to the story line I truly appreciated it. When i ding'd (leveled) for the first time i was greeted by a skill tree. This is the one element in mmo's I am never displeased in. This game shows great class customization. It has all class specific skills, if you go down a different path than another thief you will end up with an extremely different character than anyone else. Thats enough on my thoughts on the game play and class diversity so now let us delve into the actual gameplay that revolves around an immense conflict in the Esior Continent.

After making it out of the tutorial i was greeted by the usual grind to level ten quests. Then i was introduced to mission specific portals.

For the purpose of the contest my characters name is : Staralia, I play on the Kadopan server, and it is maintained under the user account Jagger392.

Adventure Diary. Entry 1:
I met the aptly named Rainbow man. He informed me of a certain stone that needed to be destroyed for the neutralizer craft questline. I spent about five minutes scouring around the elgail farm and outlying forest area before I payed attention to my surroundings and it dawned on me. The giant wormhole I had tried to enter earlier, which barred me from entering at the time, was a mission specific portal. I entered it and the timer started. I had to rush through a swarm of easter demons, trying to fend them off to reach that stone in a small amount of time. When i reached the stone i was greeted by orcrots and the ordinary yellow easter demons. I took them out easily with a flash kick. I was hacking at that stone as I began to worry because my time was running thin. What started out as a four minute quest was now down to a minute thirty. I started to spam all my macros, hoping to take it down faster then a millimeter each attack. Enemies were ganging up on me and defeat was iminent. At fifteen seconds, the stone collapsed, while i was on the brink of death. Clinging to the little life i had i dashed out of the room, avoiding all the attacks the demons were aiming at me. I made it to the portal with only two hp left. Returning to Rainbow Man, I smiled and hoped to receive a grand reward, but all i got was some zen and around a hundred xp.

Adventure Diary. Entry 2:
I began this startling adventure by talking to this strange half human half bee person named Bibi. She requested that i was to eliminate all the wasps that were overtaking the friendly bee's hive. Ready to save any innocent creature in distress I grab my trusty dual daggers, and my silver bracer and barge right in. Using my thief skills I quickly dispatch the Albees and Bees. Thats when i started to notice major differences in the wasps. The Gunbee started to shoot stingers at me. This totally took me by surprise. I quickly equipped my bracer and began to barrage them with ninja stars. I downed them and the Duncan Bees. When I had reached the end mission portal I rejoiced thinking it was gonna be easy. Thats when i met HIM. RAMBONG! He started to unload his minigun but i was faster than him. I jump dashed in the air to avoid all his bullets and hit him with a typhoon. He continued to pump round after round at me but thankfully my thief instincts began to take control. I hit him with a typhoon again and buffetted him with flash kick. He was at half health when he just reared back and smacked me with that gun. 200 damage?!?! Ive got to keep my distance from that attack. I would typhoon, then gust slash, then flash kick, then sand splash and i inflicted around 750 damage each time i got that combo in. I quickly downed him after that and rejoiced to 10000$ YAY! Smiling i walked off to carry on my journeys... not knowing what could be around the corner next time.

Sincerly yours,
Staralia, AKA Jagger392