Welcome to Rapture. We are one of the first and largest guilds built for Final Fantasy XIV. We have a chat room, beautiful forums,full web site, and a member base that is about having fun. We are a democratic guild that puts the authority in its members. Officers are voted in by terms and rules are in place to keep the guild running for many years to come. If you are looking to be part of a long term family than this is the guild for you.

What are we doing while we are waiting for FFXIV?

- We are very active with events in FFXI, where we all rerolled on a new server.
- We play Modern Warfare 2 as [Rap]
- We have contest on a monthly bases
- We have chat room sessions on a monthly bases
- We have 10 to 30 members in our chat room daily
- We post FFXIV News on our web site and forums as soon as it is released.