Hi Guys I'm SaRaHjOY of Zeus server and I'm here to show you a sort of guide of manufacturing a weapon and manufacturing request , i hope you will learn a bit with my guide

If you want to be a manufacturer artisan first and for most you must have an urge and dedication what you want to be cause it will be a real hard time to be on the top so you better to be a hardworking and patience in able for you to achieve it. .Now i will show you some NPC hat could help you to boost your manufacturing skill experience plus will give you items/rewards after you complete the task that they will give to you
so we have 6 different NPC's for 6 class which are Sword, Spear,Axe,Cane,Gun and Bow. If you click one of those NPC it will give you a quest and each quest have a corresponding rewards, it's all about manufacturing quest so they will ask you to manufacture weapons sort by level from lower to higher level of weapons.
Manufacturing a weapons depends on you manufacturing weapon skills each weapon requires a correspondent skills you need the higher the weapon level the higher the skill required. .you can see your different skills by pressing shortcut key alt+s or in MENU toolbar located at the left lower level of your screen and press skill info. . .
so after pressing skill info this will show, click on the weapon manufacturing skill yo you can you your current skill on a certain items. Max skill for weapon manufacturing is 110 as you can see on the picture the highest skill i have is on Spear which is 73/100 and in the lower part you can see the skill details,
I clicked my Axe manu skill and it shows me the details which are, Basic Skill level 8/30, Skill level by Equipment 10, Experience skill level 1 and the skill exp points 1755/2500, so what are those details? Basic skill level is the skill level you have got by reading "Skill Technique Book". .Skill Technique Book have 3 classes, the Beginner's tech book (BNG), Intermediate tech book (INT) and the Advance tech book (ADV). .BNG tech book is can be found by opening "Skill Book Box" and Skill book box can is an item drop by lower level monsters(see game info for the toolbar for more info) skill book box gives random BNG book but if you want to be specific with the book you need you can manufacture it by yourself if you have the skill level required or ask someone to do your manufacturing request, someone who have high skill level for the certain item, INT tech book can be made with the use of BNG and ADV book with the use of INT book or you can buy them all from the market much easy hehehe(more info check game info toolbar).and why is it over 30 only? it's because you can read only 10 pcs. of each book.Now moving on to Skill level by equipment, it means that you gain that number of skills by wearing some equipment that have skill improving, it could be a costume/clothes or necklace(Beginners Necklace) or putting manufacturing crystals that can be bought from Item mall to your clothes or equipments. Experience skill level is the number of level you gain from manufacturing cause if you manufacture it will give exp and when you reach the max skill exp points you will level.(note: the higher the level the more skill exp points you have to push through). . . Now lets go make some weapon. . . you can see in the picture that i am going to make Barcha Spear for you to be able to see what materials do you need in making a certain weapon just click Game Info then choose the Item section under item section choose the type of item on the left side then the item itself on the right then you will see the info of the item you have chosen. .as you can notice on the material table all items are marked as green, it means that the raw materials needed in your inventory are enough to make the item, it will be mark as yellow if the raw materials are needed are not enough and will be mark as red(X) if you don't have the certain raw material. the Barcha Spear is a lvl 38 kind of weapon and the info shows it needs at least lvl 25 or higher manufacturing skill for Spear and if you lower down the manufacture box on the left side of game info screen you can see the manufacturing success rate. 100% and higher manufacturing success rate will never give you a junk graded manufactured item lower than 100% have a chance for you to make junk graded item. .There are four Grade of manufactured item in the luminary world. the Junk grade which is the crappy one, the Normal Grade, the High Grade which have a bit higher option than normal grade and your name will be on the details of the item, the Master grade that extraordinary higher than the two and it twinkle and if you did make on Master Graded item your name will be post all over luminay world(on your server only) so you will be known and the Perfect Grade that everybody's dreams it is the highest option among them all and it's not only twinkle but really shines and you are not only known if you did make PG but you will be famous. .Making such graded items depends on your luck both literally stats luck literally means if you are a lucky person then your lucky lol but as i have noticed the more luck you have in your stats the more chances of making Graded items, luck can be gain by having a transformation Synchro rate to 100% cause it adds 15 luck or putting some luck crystals on your clothes and equips. .the best thing to do to level your manu skill a bit faster is. . 1st do NPC quest as i have told you earlier that NPC gives exp reward also, 2nd is manufacture items during manufacturing bonus time you can check the Goonzu chair located inside Hanyang what time/PST is the said bonus time and 3rd is manufacture a lots of items/SPAM on Goonzu day because it gives 300%experience bonus in manufacturing and hunting in a certain time. In Spamming there is a chance for you to make Graded item by doing that you might use NPC Tintin for dismantling the items and retrieve the raw materials you've used
you must first unseal the item that you want to be dismantle then click tintin click the item in the left corner of box and click dismantle. . Tintin will randomly give you the % rate of the raw materials that you have used sometimes it will be so low%=few raw materials sometimes it is high% and sometimes Tintin double the percentage which means 200% out of 100% of the normal= doubled raw materials, well it depends if you are lucky. .me not so lucky i just got 47% hehehe. .lets move on to how to set manu request. .

Now if you need something like weapon, armor etc.(all that can be manufactured) and you don't have enough skill to make such item you need it's time for you to do the manufacturing request. .
if you want to set manu request just click the MENU toolbar then the community then the manufacturing request as the picture show's. .but first thing for you to do is to look for someone who is qualified to make your item or someone who will meet your demand you can see some Artisan's on artisan info just click again the MENU bar then community then artisan info or simply press alt+c then you can see artisans of different items and their info then if you finished negotiating with the artisan you've chosen it's time for you to set manu request just put on the requirements as the picture shows, in there i have chose matissss to be the one who will make my barcha i put skill level 97 cause it's matisss skill then luck 5 it's matiss luck cause you must put the same info of the artisan you've chosen, i put 1 unit of barcha cause 1 only need 1 unit but you can put more units as long as you have all the raw materials for it, then i put 0 in commission cause matisss is so kind he said it's free the it's ready i will now press request start and this will showeventually some of the artisan specially on weapon, equip and accessories are asking for commission for high level and high graded item they might made and most are asking for remake of master and perfect grade items they might made. .

Wew it's pretty long guide and i guess this is all for now, i hope you guys enjoy reading my guide and i hope at least you have gain some knowledge. .bye for now and happy gaming to you all. .