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Thread: Runescape Double XP weekend

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    or the like 3 silkroad treads on the first page cant forget about them.

    oh yeah cant forget about all the ragnarok threads to..
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    Quote Originally Posted by firesnowball View Post
    I don't play RS anymore, but remember, if more people become paying members, that means more money which could mean more employees which could lead to more content. I see no problem with x2 XP for members
    As if they don't have enough content. When I played, they had updates every Monday. Hell, if they didn't take out Wilderness and Fair Trade I'd still be playing. I basically grew up with that game, and knew the in's and out's as well as anybody. As far as MMO's go, it was one of the best of its time, and I do miss it on occasion.

    Also, nobody saw a problem for x2 XP. It's not like XP was that easy to get anyways, compared to WoW or other non-skill based MMOs.
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    Default New Double Xp Weekend

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    I enjoyed reading all of the 27 posts on this topic. I have played RuneScape everyday since I joined on May 1, 2005 and I have watched it improve. They made an error with the removal of the Wilderness PKing but they recognized their mistake and now they put it back into the game, same with the no limit trading. This is not the first time that they have held a double XP Week-end and the last time they held it, I received two 99 skill level capes. I plan to repeat that feat starting on March 11, 2011.
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    Jagex makes a poll about the XP-Weekend.
    50% of the members were against another weekend.
    Jagex gives a bullshit bout their community and makes another one.
    Money > Community.
    Suck Jagex.

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