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Thread: Runescape update march 3rd

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    Quote Originally Posted by firesnowball View Post
    So they basically multiplied every number that has to do with hit points by 10? Did I read that right. The only significant change I saw was this:

    But even still, before, your health skill went down, but it always regenerated. So now they just renamed the skill, but it is now more static and the life points change? I fail to see the point of this, it changed nothing, other then renamed something a unrelated name (Constitution Skill, what does that have to do with health?).

    Is this where membership fees is going, pointless updates?
    only thing that truly changed is now a 0.1 hits 1 and 0.2 hits 2 and so on before a 0.1-9 would be a zero. so like i said before they just added a 0 to everything, maybe theres more to it that has yet to be discovered

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    Seems rather pointless.

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