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Thread: Getting pissed off.

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    Default Getting pissed off.


    I've got some issues with getting back into FF11 and I'm wondering if anyone here is able to help me?

    I started playing last year in january and I quit last year in march ....I thought I removed ALL credit card details but apparantly they were still active...

    Now yesterday I figured I wanted to play FF11 again but the shit that you have to go through to actually play is so off putting. I wanted to change my credit card details, seeing as how the one that I used before was the one from my brother and now I've got one of my own... after numerous attempts of trying to enter the card data I gave up.
    I then find out it charged my brothers credit card which I thought I removed and now I'm stuck with this whole mess.

    So if possible could ANYONE tell me how to remove credit card details from the account?

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    Only thing you can do is contact POL by email or phone.

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    You'd have to login to the playonline viewer and update the billing information. That's probably what they would tell you on the phone too. Not sure if the problems with CC data entry envolved an error and not letting you subit your card, knowing it had money on it. I had the same problem yesterday. With some googling I found that if you use a console to enter the info (ex: sign into your account on the PS2/3 or 360) the verified by visa or secure code that's needed now on the PC is bypassed. So if you have a console or know of a friend with one, there's your answer. WOrked like a charm last night for me after many failed attempts and confusion.
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