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    So..what server should I join? Im doing the trial but I might sub until 14 comes out. Is there anyone who would party with me?
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    F*ck, you guys want to play something together? Looking for an 4we5umz gr4f1x game. Also, who ever wants, let's go ahead and play Gamez Aion. It's a private server, yes, but playing just to see how Aion is, if satisfied, well, I'll buy it.

    And who thought the forum name spoke for itself? xD

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    I'm on Titan. If you care to join me, you're more than welcome. I am not too far along in the game. I sold my old account a while ago. I just resubbed last night. You can PM me here or in game @ Ithaku. You can add me via MSN as well.


    Recently switched servers due to my wife joining me. Gold World passes and creation were not allowed on Bismarck due to server merges so I switched to Titan.
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