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Thread: Lost Saga hits WCG!

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    Thumbs up Lost Saga hits WCG!

    Congratulations Lost Saga!

    Lost SagaŽ™ has been announced as one of the additional title announcements that are expected in WCG[World Cyber Games] in the near future.

    And We players of Lost Saga are proud to announce that it is one of those games!.

    [For more information about Lost Saga's Line up, please visit:]

    Gamers the world over can now begin tuning their skills with these titles for the ultimate competition in eSports, the WCG 2010 Grand Final, which returns to the United States this fall.

    World Cyber Games will soon be announcing additional official, mobile and promotional titles for the WCG 2010 Grand Final. The titles announced today will be available for online and regional qualification tournaments in countries around the world.

    Lost Saga is arguably one of the most interesting games to hit OGPlanet:

    GM's are Fun, Respectful and are always open to comments, questions, and ideas.

    Players are interesting too. Players learn to work together and treat each other with respect and interest. Any flaws; We learn to adapt or find a solution too.

    Events are frequent and exciting, you never know what could be next and OGPlanet flourishes with new ideas, promises and lavishing outcomes.

    I'd say that OGPlanet has almost brought itself to its limitless peak, and broken it by bringing us Lost Saga.

    All of us Congratulate them for reaching WCG and speaking out for its players.

    I hope to see more out of them and more fun things to come.

    So all Lost Saga players should be proud of what we were able to accomplish.
    Every great person has a team behind them...and for OGPlanet, we make up that team!.

    Have Fun Lost Saga Players, and fight on.

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    Lost Saga, a game hosted by OGP has been chosen to be inducted into the WCG
    this is great news for LS and its community

    Lost saga is a great game you have many fun aspects but the best thing of all is to be able to use different heroes from all sorts of places.You can start a battle with a knight and switch to a cowboy and then to a ninja or any other hero you choose! This offers many different fun unique oppertunites in the game

    You can battle with up to 16 people in one room and play different matches like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Crown Control, Prisoner, Boss Raid, and the unique Powerstone mode.

    The GM's are very helpful and offer many different fun events to do in the game that makes sure you'll never be bored. you have fun plazas that you cant sit in at talk with other players or have fun practice fights with other players.

    You also have guilds and a mode that allows you to "faction battle", play with your friends to earn faction points to help your side win. (Order vs. Legion)

    This game is updated quite frequently so theres always new heroes, maps, plazas, items to use! overall this is a very fun game to play and i'm very happy that Lost Saga will be in the WCG.
    -IGN: XxMessiahxX
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    Lost Saga is the best game from world!!!
    It`s is one game from many from Ogplanet
    And i will be happy if will win the title!!
    You can chose from many hero your favorite and begin to leveling up to upgrade him to buy epic gear for him.
    All GM are activ and are nice with player.
    Player learn to work together because online with team work can win in battle.
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