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Thread: Lost Saga on the WCG 2010

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    Default Lost Saga on the WCG 2010

    Lost Saga has been officially announced as a part of the WCG 2010.

    Lost Saga can be very competitive and very strategic, players can switch heroes with unique skills in mid battle.

    I would like to see all modes used in the WCG.

    Lost Saga takes a lot of teamwork and strategy and i am very excited to see players play in the WCG.(Teamwork will be the most important part)

    The whole Lost Saga community is proud that our game was picked as a part of games like Warcraft and CS.

    A very big congratulations to Dev. k(if he actually did make the game ), and all the developers, also to OGplanet and the supporters of lost saga.

    I hope Lost Saga will have future events like this.

    Thank You WCG!, for picking Lost Saga as one of you're games.

    Good Luck all LS players!

    Congrats LS!

    Lost Saga game Link:

    WCG official announcement:
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