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Thread: A detail lost saga review (with pictures!)

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    Default A detail lost saga review (with pictures!)

    Hello everyone!
    This is the first time I am writing a game review, I will do my best.
    And please excuse my grammar as I am not a native English speaker.

    First of all congrats Lost SagaŽ™ being announced as one of the additional title announcements that are expected in WCG.


    Lost Saga official website:


    I have been playing online games for about 8 years, and I have been playing many games that became a classic later on.
    Lost saga will be no doubt, one of the classic included in my list.

    Game size: about 200MB

    Can you imagine? How much can a 200MB game does?
    Recent games easily exceeds 1GB or more.
    While the file of lost saga is only 200mb, it doesn't means the graphic or content of the game is crappy or little.
    In the other hand, it gives the chance of those poor computer setup to play a great game.

    Since it is so small, why not give it a try?
    That is what I said to my friend, and now we are all addicted and play everyday.


    If you are not expecting a good graphic because of the file size, then you are totally wrong.
    Lost saga has a very unique cartoon style of the character and environment. Just look at the screenshots.

    If you don't trust the screenshot, here is a video of the gameplay

    Now you see, lost saga actually has better graphic than a lot of other mmo (which the file sizes are a lot larger than lost saga).
    And a low-end graphic card will handle the game without and lag or delay.


    The music in lost saga is cute and relaxing.
    However, when your team has no more hp left and you are the one that is being chase by a bunch of enemies, the music will eventually sounds exciting and speed up your heartbeat more.
    The skill sound effect is very well done, that you can hear very small sound like dropping off the cliff, or dropping your armors.


    Lost saga has over 20 characters for you to choose, which you can never find at any other game, seriously.
    And More heroes are updating.

    There are also a few secret heroes such as the tai-kwon-dou (don't know the spelling) master and grim reaper which require you to buy chest box and generates randomly.

    But they are not the god like heroes who can fight 1 against 8, you can definitely have a fair gameplay even without using them.


    The gameplay is very simple but addicted.
    You do not have to level up your character by fighting a bunch of similar monsters day and night;
    you don't have to do a bunch of annoying quest, running from place to place to gain a few exp or items;
    the pvp is totally base on skill, unlike the point-and-click or stand together face to face and press button mmo.
    You have to jump, roll, or defend to avoid attacks.

    Each hero has his/her unique style of skills, which usually 4 or 5 skills.
    For example, if you are using assassin, you have "throw hat", "invisible", "poison breath", and "claw attack" (unofficial translation).
    And you get all those skills on the very beginning.
    However, if you use the same hero often, it will level up and gain skill points, you can use those skill points to upgrade your hero and to make it stronger or unique from others.

    There is not specific character of yourself, that means you can choose to play another character at any time, or you can switch around with different heroes in the same battle.

    The game format is room base, which you enter the room and if all players are ready, the battle will begin.
    It is like the gunbound system (if you know about that game), which is simple and effective.

    There are a lot of different game modes in the battle.
    There are team match, which a certain number of your team against the other team;
    there are free play, which each play attack other players individually;
    there are boss run, which one becomes the "boss hero" if he/she killed a player;
    there are "rope" mode which is extremely base on teamwork;
    and many others.
    You'll never get bored, if you are tired of team match, just go for free play rooms.

    This is basically it.
    As I said, the game is just 200MB. Hurry up, download it, and join us!
    And don't forget to tell your friends if you like the game, it is much more fun to play together~!

    Hope you like my review.

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