Gratz for LostSaga

i will post here some guide to help u guys to play Lostsaga

1-Fire Mage guide
▣ Fire Dash Attack of the Meiji (→ →)
Fire the dash attack, the Meiji ribs stick Technology nuphineun opponent.

▣ base hit (D D)
Base hit ... that's two times very great, really. Sutjajyo pretty damned good too, but the air combo.
Sseureotteurineun technology relative to the end.
▣ Armor (S patient ~ ~ ~)
If the defense in front of the Meiji period, after a technical stop all this' cause I Recomendado
▣ gimoeugi (D patient ~ ~ ~)
This is also a patient, Meiji also press D it makes mabeopjin (Meiji except lightning) SD of the technology will help ohreume Meteor train.
▣ Combo 1
This combo in my hands two times → sseomeokneun geotinde D keys fell down quickly as long as D ln D Meteor → back to stand up again 2 times (Dash Attack (→ → even tolerable.) → Before the flame wave. This Combo the combo is not hitting the lead. I might like to inflict damage when it is recommended.
▣ Combo 2
The second combo is for the combo. First Strike 1 → Dash attack → breakdown when the Meteor → Flame Waves → Praise fell 2 times ... the strongest blow is the rhythm. Chasi skill quickly gauge the minute it's going to be really technical jjeoneun ...

2-Ice Mage

Here I will provide you with combos of ice mage and what they do. The aren't that many you can do but they are effective.
* I have named the combos for fun
Basic Combos:
3 Hit combo that Launches Enemy

Intermediate Combos:

*Watch your timing on these moves.

The Juggler:
[Icicle Strike]>D>D>D
4 hit combo that launches Enemy and allow you to juggle them and knocking them down quite aways.
*Useful for knocking opponents off edge with close to medium range.

The Launcher:
[Icicle strike]> [Icicle Strike]

This move is good for hitting your opponent at medium range and basicly used just to knock them down or off the edge.

Advanced Combos:
Ice Assault
[Icicle Strike] > D>D>D>[Blizzard]>[Ice Burst]
This move relies on a little luck. But if you Hold D and move your [Magic Circle] so the star is at the center, then you are able to freeze your opponent a few times.

Tag Combos:

[Icicle Strike] > D>D>D>[Blizzard](*cancel Blizzard w/ AD as soon as you hit to save Mana/Charge)>Ice Burst
Switch to Zerker [Trinket skill]
Switch to Infantryman [Helm skill]>D>D>D>Blizzard(If you can)

3-Kage Ninja

Kick: Hold D, useful for edging and knocking opponent down
Dash Attack, useful for closing distant between your opponent and yourself

For maxium hit in this guide, I recconmend that you use a DASH ATTACK at the beginning of every combo.

2hit combo

3 hit combo

4hit combo
a+a+a+kick to knock them down
a+a+a+a to stun your opponent

4-Shadow assassin

Stealth>Sneak up on somebody>Toxic Breath>Attack>Attack>Attack>Assassinate>Throw (hold D).
does about 40% damage.
Throw can be switched with Hat-A-Rang for further knockback. I just came up with it now. If it was common knowledge, then I'm a n00b.

well thinx for ur time ( i work hard for that i only post the heros i use it ) :3