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Thread: Lost Saga's Debut in 2010 Grand Final

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    Exclamation Lost Saga's Debut in 2010 Grand Final

    Hello. I am happy to announce that as of March 8, 2010, Lost Saga, hosted by Online Gaming Planet (OGP), was officially announced as the World Cyber Games(WCG's) promotional game of the year. For those of who you may or may not be aware, the WCG's are have been hosted globally since the year 2000. The purpose of the WCG's is to collect the best players from a variety of competitive online games and bring them together in one grand competition each year. This competition is the World Cyber Games Grand Final. With each year of the WCG's becoming more competitive and more extravagant than the last, 2009's games, hosted in China, revealed a new category among the many competitors. The promotional game of the year. The promotional title can be groundbreaking for a variety of reasons. Considering that the Grand Final is the largest gaming competition in the world, the promotional title tends to gain a lot of recognition in its entrance into the competition. Popular titles such as World Of Warcraft, Guitar Hero 5, and Counter-Strike are among the many games represented in this tournament. The Grand Final also contains approximately one-hundred and twenty five million viewers across the globe. Lost Sagas entrance as this years promotional game is in the style of a three versus three tournament. Players from the United States, Canada, and Korea will all gather from around their perspective countries in order to team up to take the title of the Best Trio in the country in a national competition. Once victorious, the representatives from each country will head to Los Angeles, California, where the 2010 Word Cyber Games Grand Final is being hosted, for a chance to be given the title of the best in the world. Last years grand final had approximately six-hundred players from seventy different countries. The fact that Lost Saga has been selected as the promotional game of the year is a true honor, and is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity. A great amount of hard work and luck have played a huge factor in Lost Saga being chosen to participate in this years games. If you truly believe that you and two other players within your country have a chance to compete and win in the national championships to represent your country, i strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. Lost Saga is a promotional title, not an official title, and will more than likely not return to the World Cyber Games, unless the promotion creates an uproar of excitement and popularity throughout the world. We can only hope that this is the case. To all players and future players, I wish you the best in your decision, whether it be to participate or not. Congratulations to OGPlanet and Lost Saga.


    -3 versus 3 Tournament
    -National Competition has yet to be announced, but is conducted between the months of March and September
    -The Grand Final is held in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center
    (1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015)
    -Expenses must be provided by competitors in the national competition, such as airfare, hotels, and food.
    -Expenses will be provided to all Grand Final Participants, such as airfare, hotels, and food
    -Note that this competition is for the United States, Canada, and Korea only, and all team members must reside within the same country.
    -As of right now, applications for the national competitions have not been released, but will be given as soon as possible.
    - For future updates and regards on the competition, please visit either or

    All of the statements above have either been proven through research or contact with WCG Inc.

    Any further questions or concerns you have can be addressed by visiting this web address or by simply responding on this forum. I myself plan to compete in this upcoming event, and may not have all of the answers needed. But if its a concern, it most likely affects all of us competitors and I will do my best to find an answer.

    To view the official announcement of Lost Sagas entrance, please visit

    For all newc****s, please visit us at

    Thank You
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