hay I'm so proud to tell you that lost saga into the WCG 2010!!
you know who that game makers? The answer is Online Gaming Planet wowww!
in this game is a lot of heroes that you can try and charts in no less exciting offer!
is the pity if you do not try to game OGP this one. I hope all the players from all over the world will try this amazing game!
in this game you will have experience extremely unusual, I promise it hehe: D

if you want to know how this game could get into the WCG try to check this website http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com/HOME.html
I hope to see you all there

I'll share some pictures to you this hero is called as black shaman

and the last this is the review http://www.wcg.com/6th/fun/news/news...o=C10030810000

ok see u guys on lost saga