South Border Land Event is Ongoing

South Border Land - As a vast independent land for PVE, it enjoys the great reputation of "Super Big Scenario. Also, in this charming but perilous land, TO Adventure in South Border Land Event is ongoing!

This event will be held on each server (Section "Genesis") ONCE per week. It lasts 2 hours each time. In this area, there is no punishment for death. The great thing is to get FUN!

Event Qualification: All players at level 40+ (including lvl 40)

South Border Land Entrance: 14,-1659 (in Sand Village)

Before the start of SBL Event, related information will appear in Rumor channel.

"Adventure in South Border Land Event" Brief Introduction:

As a special independent vast land for PVE, South Border Land contains 3 major areas and it can accommodate more than 1000 players, so it enjoys the reputation of "Super Big Scenario"!


South Border Land is a special vast area due to its mystery. Different from the ordinary areas, SBL is not available to players all the time. And only GMs have the right to start this event by using special codes. South Border Land map can be available for 2 hours each time.

Isolated Area:

When the event runs, players need to be teleported by a big crystal teleporter to reach this isolated area. One SBL Teleporter can be found at coordinate (14,-1659), you can also find more entrances near Sand Village.

A Vast Land:

As referred above, South Border Land is a vast land containing 3 big areas "Ancestor Fairy Stage", "Money Tribe", "Spore Forest", etc. Moreover, you can also expect charming oasis, huge valley and horrible death trap in this vast Land!!

Each big and small area is guarded by squads of mobs and powerful BOSS!

Super Powerful BOSS

As we have known, South Border Land is a special PVE area, and a super challenging PVE land!! Players will face super attacks from Incredible Gigantic Ape, Monkey Chief and several other Huge BOSS.

Danger is approaching...