Q1: What is "Project of Planets"?
A1: "Project of Planets" is a sci-fi MMO, or "massively multiplayer online game" presented by Miracle Castle, featuring Earth-protection story lines, dynamic combat and inspiring teamwork and legionwork experience. The game takes place in about 250 years later when human warriors armed with mechbodies fight back the land of Earth from cosmos-organisms.

Q2: What are the basic attributes in the game?
A2: There are three basic attributes, namely Stamina(Assault), Mentality(Raider) and Handling(Commander) in the game. The successful equipment of mechbody, weapon and controller requires certain points in these attributes. Each player has 5 points each in these three attributes at the very beginning and 2 potential points from each levelup to distribute freely.

Q3: What are the basic states of the character?
A3: Every character in the game has three basic states, Energy Shield (ES) for shielding, Hit Point (HP) for hitting and Mental Point (MP) for gliding and skill using. HP starts to lose when ES is low or null. You will die when you lose all HP points. Gliding and skills are available when there is enough MP.

Q4: How can I move, glide, fire, shift to FPS Mode and use skills in the game?
A4: Use WASD for Forward, Left, Back and Right movement. Use Q and E for Turning Left and Turning Right. Press Space for glide and click mouse for fire. Press Tab to shift between normal mode and FPS Mode. Use skills by pressing corresponding 1,2,3,4, Ctrl+1 or F1~F8 correspondingly.

Q5: What classes can I play as?
A5: There are three classes of mechs for your choice, Assault , Raider and Commander. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. Assault has higher HP points while its output damage of bullet is relatively small. Raider has lower HP points while its output damage of laser is quite big. Commander has moderate HP points and acts as buffer and debuffer in the team for its skills.

Q6: What are the attack types in the game?
A6: There are basically three types of attack in the game-Bullet, Laser and EM. These accord with the weapons of Assault, Raider and Commander. Most monsters' attack are Bullet, Laser or EM while some have Chemical attack.

Q7: What are the skills in the game?
A7: Skills are divided into weapon skills, controller skills and wisdom skills. All skills have range and cooling time. Weapon and controller skills are active while most wisdom skills are passive. You can activate the Wisdom Skill Tree when you reach level 10 and add points to the skills you want to get.

Q8: How to equip yourself with mechbody, armors and controllers?
A8: You shall equip your armors and controllers in safe areas. But for mechbody equipment, you can ONLY finish it at NPC <Mech Replacement> at Base Abergate and Base Liron.
Q9: How can I get my mechbody, weapon, armor and controller in the game?

A9: You may have some of them as quest reward items or get some from drops. Also you can purchase the gear under level 30 as well. For mechbody purchase, go visit <Mech Manager>. For weapon purchase, go visit <Weapon Merchant>. For armor go visit <Armor Merchant>. Contollers can be purchased at <Controller Merchant>. However, you need to get the gear of your class from battle drops once you reach level 30. All gear and ammo have level and mech class requirement to load.

Q10: What's durability and how to maintain it?
A10: Durability is the equipment's ability to perform its function under force. For example, mech's durability defines the ability to shield against attack. Weapon's durability defines the ability to fire accurately, etc. Durability declines after some fierce battles and you shall go to complete maintenance from time to time at <Maintenance Technician> at bases. You shall not delay your maintenance when you see the orange mech icon when equipment's durability is under 50%. Normal Maintenance would reduce Max Durability if Durability dives to under 30% while more expensive Special Maintenance would recover it. When an item's durability jumps to 0, it can't function at all and you can only get a new one.

Q11: How to get and load ammo in the game?
A11: Ammos are divided into three types of Bullet, Energy Cube and Capacitor for Bullet, Laser and EM Weapon respectively. They can always be purchased from <Quartermaster Admin> and the higher level the ammo is the bigger DPS it has. To load ammo, drag it to the small ammo slot beside weapon slot from Ammo Bin. Please make sure the ammo matches the weapon type and store enough ammo before going to battle.

Q12: How can I get to another map in the game?
A12: You can either move to another map by passing through conjunction light ring or visit NPC <Teleporter> in bases. The quickest way is to use transmitter like Base Abergate-B4, Base Liron-C6 etc for your destination map.

Q13: How can I enhance my equipment?
A13: You have four ways to enhance your equipment in POP game, Compose, Enhance, Plug-in and Sync. All procedures are only available at NPC <Enhancement Technician> at Base Abergate and Base Liron.

There are five qualities- white, green, blue, purple and orange for all equipment. Compose offers you chance to improve the quality of equipment (mechbody, weapon, armor, controller). You can either compose two same items of same quality to get a higher quality one with bonus like . Or you can have a Compose Device to replace the Aid Item to finish successful Compose. For instance, you need two white [Victory Defender] or one white [Victory Defender] and one White Compose Device to get a green [Victory Defender].

There are 10 enhancement levels in all for equipment. System Enhancement Alloy is for Mechbody and Weapon enhancement and System Enhancement Program is for Armor (Head, Leg Plate, etc) and Controller (Sensor, etc) enhancement. There are ''Primary" Alloy or Program for enhancement level1~3, "Medium" for 4~6 and "Advanced" for 7~9. The higher the enhancement level, the more value your equipment's basis attributes is.

Plug-in gives your mechbody and weapon some bonus. There are Crystal Slot and Chip Slot for expansion when you click on the mechbody or weapon while pressing Shift. You need to activate slot from top to bottom and insert the active slot with crystal or chip to complete Plug-in.

Sync makes your equipment gain extra value. However, after Sync the item is bound and unsellable.

Q14: How can I gain get Reputation Points?
A14: You will get some Exploit Item from drops which can be exchanged for Reputation Points at NPC <Reputation Admin> at Base Abergate and Base Liron. Also Battle Orders give you Reputation Points as well.

Q15: Where can I do PVP without getting PK value?
A15: If you kill a white-name player willfully, you get 1 PK Value and would be red name. Luckily, we have offered you PK Arena at Base Abergate, Base Liron and Cross River Plain where it's labelled in red . You can test your capability freely with other players and gain Justice Points after grand victory without the worry of being red-named. You can use Exemption Order to reduce 1 PK Value.

Q16: What's the requirement of Battlefields (scenarios) in the game?
A16: There are two Battlefields in the game. Each Battlefield has two class, On Normal and Difficult for Old Soldier. Ophy Airdrop Bin is open to players level 25 on Normal and level 30 on Difficult for Old Soldier. Impasse Passage requires level 50 on Normal and level 55 on Difficult for Old Soldier.