What is Crusade Mode?

Developer K says that its Player vs. Environment, but I consider it, beat up everything that doesn't look human, including the Grim Reaper.

Overall Game Mode Rating : 4/5


The environment is really just dead skeletons. Developer K says that they have died in battle, and are fighting us against their will. Each skeleton holds a different weapon, and you can know their weapon by reading the hint that appears when your on the level.

Hero : Cowboy.


There are three levels. Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each mode has an equal amount of rounds (20)

On Easy Mode, you can play alone, or with a friend/partner. Nothing happens once the timer runs out. 1 skeleton spawns, and once you kill it, you have completed the level. You will actually heal completely each level.

Difficulty - 1/5

On Medium Mode, you can play alone, or with 3 friends/partners. Nothing happens once timer runs out. There are a lot more spawns here than in Easy Mode. You will not heal after every level in this mode.

Difficulty - 4/5

On Hard Mode, you can play alone, or with 7 friends/partners. Skeletons spawns with all equips of their class (can use every skill, and not just weapon skill) More spawns than Medium Mode. You will not heal after every level in this mode.

Jr. Grim Reaper spawns when timer runs out (sudden death). Jr. Grim
Reaper cannot be killed. What can a Jr. Grim do? A shet load of things. Make you go from full hp to no hp, steal your cookie, etc.

Difficulty - 10/5


Every 5 rounds, A Boss will appear. There are 4 Bosses in total, and Grim Reaper is the last boss of every level.

In Easy Mode - The Boss has all equips of 1 class. Once you kill the boss, and only the boss, you have completed the level

On Medium Mode - The Boss has all equips of 1 class. Minions of the same class as the boss also spawns. Even after you kill its minions, they will keep on respawning. You must kill the Boss to complete the level.

On Hard Mode - Same as Medium Mode, but more minions.

Grim Reaper

The Final Boss of every mode. This guy is hard.

Easy Mode - Kill this guy and you win. But who knows, maybe you can't beat death.

On Medium Mode - Kill this guy and you win. But wait, he has 3 boss servants. The bosses are random, and they respawn a minute after you kill them.

On Hard Mode - Kill this guy and you win. IF YOU CAN. He has 5/6 bosses around him. They'll all respawn once you've killed them so don't even try this mode, unless your level is OVER 9000.


I'm guessing Lost Saga wanted an arcade feel so they added tokens.

Bronze Tokens : You get 6 total. When you want to enter a mode other than EASY, you waste token(s). Medium wastes 1, Hard wastes 2. They'll recharge every 2 hrs, even if your offline, or AFK. They will automatically be taken away upon entering Medium / Hard Mode.

Gold Tokens : OGP's evil money making method. You pay 17 astros (1.7 USD) for 10 of these. They can either be substituted for Bronze Tokens (I'd prefer not to) or be used to continue. What is continuing? It is when you die, lose all of your gear, and are captured. You can use a gold coin to respawn with full health, all your equips, and be invincible for a short period of time.



Easy Mode isn't even worth it. Most people do it for fun. A normal battle gives much better exp then Easy Mode awards.

Medium Mode is alright. Slightly better than battle if you can complete it.

Hard Mode's reward is unspeakable. WAY BETTER THAN BATTLE, IF YOU CAN COMPLETE IT. I'll let this screen shot do the talking.

Ending Notes

Overall, it's a pretty fun mode. Some people don't like it because of the rewards, but its a pretty fun mode to pass time. Hope you enjoyed my review, have a great day~