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Thread: Regarding the FF14 Beta

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    Default Regarding the FF14 Beta

    There are 2 streams right now as we speak. PM me for a links.

    Also regarding the battle system. These characters are at level one so they only have 1 attack skill (polearm = thrust) So you hit the thrust command and then it reloads then you hit it again, therefore, dull combat at level 1.

    It looks like the more you level your weapon, the more attacks you'll have where the attack command area is and the more you'll be able to attack. So I'm guessing the growth system for physical and weapon levels are vital and important. Even in close combat, the mobs DO RUN AROUND meaning like SE said, the mobs are smart.

    There is a hot bar, but not a generic one and it is not where you button-mash and is only visible during battle.

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    I'm pretty sure you would be aloud to post them here, I know one stream but I'm not aware of the other. Erhm...banned after 2hs.

    Yeah, Since onrpg put down a alpha screenies leaked news report or w.e you want to call it, I think it would be okay.

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