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    Default so, uh... a few questions

    yeah, I just started playing today. pretty awesome, I'm really enjoying it.. but as there's no wiki for it or anything that I can find, I thought I'd come here and ask some of the questions I have...

    1) What the heck is with "BOSS" mode? Like, any mode seems to be able to have "BOSS" in a lightning bolt symbol next to it when you're joining games, and people talk weird and seem to be taking things a lot more seriously than normal in the game, but I can't figure out what the difference is between it and a normal game, lol. Of course, I didn't stay long in the one I joined because I felt I'd hinder the players without knowing anything about boss mode yet..

    2) So, uh, just so we're clear about Prisoner mode... I really didn't get it at first, but it seems pretty simple. So in this mode when you die, your teammates have the ability to 'save' you and restore some of your HP... so it's basically like a team deathmatch but with more longevity? And like... basically if you 'capture' an enemy, you're supposed to finish them off before one of their team saves them? If you see a teammate of yours tied up, you beat them up to free them? And if you yourself get 'captured' the best thing to do is to run toward your team? All that sound right?

    3) I've unlocked a few classes through levelling up, and I like them all more or less, but Fire Mage... it SEEMS like something I'd love but it's just SO hard to play. So basically you just run and teleport around, keep your distance and use meteors... try to always be in 'aim' mode so your meteor recharges faster.. and use flame blast or whatever when people get too close, and/or teleport away. Is there anything else I should be doing? Like, is that jab thing that replaces the dash any good? Should I be trying to melee while my meteor recharges or just try to always be in aim mode whenever I can? And about the Fire Resist spell, is there ANYTHING it's good for except against other fire mages? Do any skills any other classes have count as 'fire' damage that that buff would help against?

    4) Speaking of unlocks, is the best thing to do just level for all your stuff at least at lower levels? Is there stuff I should think about buying at lower levels that'd help a lot? I may be willing to buy some Astros but I don't want to spend *much* money on this yet... and it seems a lot of things that are Astro-only in the shop can potentially be won in games if you're lucky.

    5) What is fishing, anyway? How does it work, is it fun, and is it worth it?

    6) Lastly, what's up with "crusades"? It seems that every Crusade game has a limit of 2 players, why so low? And what do you do in it? Sounds like you fight NPC monsters or something. Is it fun, or worth it? It seems like something I'd like but admittedly I'm a little shy and easy to feel weird when I'm playing with only one other person, in a mode I know nothing about.. so I need a lot of info about it and what to do if I were to play it before I'd try it, lol :3

    *edit* oh, and what the heck is BOSS RAID and how is it different than any other mode with the "Boss" lightning bolt thing on the games list?
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