Oh, that sounds alright then... I guess I could do it, sure.

My name on there's ragnaroq. With a Q to make it special :3

aaaaaaand I have another question today! How exactly do equipment upgrades work? It's like there's Basic Gear which is what each class starts out with... Epic Gear which exists for each slot for each class (I think?) that looks fancier and does something similar to, but better than, the function of that class's Basic Gear item for that slot, right? And then there's Legendary Gear, of which there are only a few pieces right now, that ANY class can wear, that does unique stuff that ANY class could find useful, like a triple jump.

So how do you find it? Is the only way buying those gear chests? And when you buy gear chests, it's random? So if say you REALLY love a specific class or a few specific classes, is it all up to luck if you can find gear for those classes or is there a way to increase the odds or specifically look for gear for a specific class? Furthermore, if you DO find epic gear for a class you never use, is there any way you can benefit from it anyway? Like, is there a way to sell or trade it to other players, or is the only thing you can do it with like do that weird upgrade thing I read about where you put, say, two hats together to make a new hat? I'm not even sure how that works, so I guess that's a separate question altogether too lol.