Team name: Crimson Sun

Project name: Pitriopia

Brief description: Our goals are to make a game that a majorly of people would enjoy. We hope to have the game up and running as soon as we can (though realistically about 3 months to one year) The game will take place in a world where magic and machine coexist and were the many unique races thrive.

Target aim: Free download and game with options for buying items with real cash

Compensation: At this time we can not pay for the help.

Technology: At this time we only have one programmer who uses C++

Talent needed: Everyone (from programmers to graphics artists)

Team structure: Sam/Misled Legend (Programmer 1 Original Founder)
Luke/mrkfc (Website Manager, promoter, and programmer. Original Founder)
Lance (Original Founder)

They are all under major construction.

Sam - Onrpg: Misled Legend Email: YIM: misledlegend Windows Live: Misled Legend
Luke - Onrpg: mrkfc

Additional Info: The story has many beast races as well as the standard humans and such. Here is the 'unique' names for the races. The Caarino: The canine family humanoids. The Halan: The felines The Jamis: The Lizards The Nolia: The Snakes The Kiale: The Fish (sterotypical merpeople except that they have legs instead of tails, can walk on land, and have very light scales and webbed fingers and toes) The Gilau: The avian race. The Fale: The Dragon humanoids.