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Thread: Guilds (are we gunna make one) and new site design

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    Default Guilds (are we gunna make one) and new site design

    Hey guys,

    I know i dont post a lot but i deff read the forums a lot otherwise I would know some of the free games that are out there >.

    Anyways I'm still sorta low im lvl 12 right now. But I would like to make a OnRPG guild. I know you guys on here like to play it alot so I wanna make us a guild.

    Ill be the guild master I guess because I thought of it... unless like one of the admins or mods would wanna be it. And since it is based off the site (and if we do get a decent amount of members) it was be awesome if we can get a subforum too so people can chit chat about the clan.

    So please! tell me what u think!

    (the reason why im so sorta low is one day i forgot my goblin password and nexon are ****ing retards and it takes 5days to reset it i guess.)

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    You're not the first person to wanna make one, but people here usually never play a game for more than 5 facking minutes before quitting. I also doubt you have 300k to make one at lvl 12 anyways lolol.

    I'm already a part of a pvp based guild though or I'd just make the guild myself for shits and giggles. Feel free to still try and make one though if you got the money. 0.0
    bam pow bam

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    I wouldn't mind joining one lol...

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