Runes of Magic is a free-to-play MMORPG with a cash shop. Game content is regularly updated, making many of the player reviews you find out-of-date. A new major game update, Chapter 3, is being released starting Apr 2010.

Current Features:
1. Beautiful graphics, ambient sounds/music
2. Crafting system
3. Player housing, guild castles and storage
4. Smooth WASD and mouse movements, also jumping, swimming, and mounts
5. Thousands of rewarding quests and epic quest lines
6. Instances (definition: separate dungeons created for each party)
7. 2 races, human and elf (new race coming)
8. Customizable character creation
9. GvG, PartyvsParty (new updates being released to improve these features)
10. Auction House to sell player wares
11. Diverse, upgradable skills
12. Macros and add-on use enabled
13. Magic spells don't have increased cast times when attacked (unless the attack is this type of buff)
14. Dual class system allows you to switch back and forth between 2 different classes any time you visit a city, gaining access to unique class combination skills. This great feature allows you to play the 2 classes you desire without making multiple characters and keeps you from getting bored. (Ever wish you could play a tank that can heal yourself? now you can!)

This is a quest-leveling game, with endgame focused on instances, gear, and the various gvg/pvp options. For endgame gear, using the cash shop is recommended (or you can buy gear from players), but Runes of Magic has provided ways of using the cash shop without spending money--so don't skip this game because of a cash shop.

The game moderators also run special events frequently with prizes, and when a bug occurs (usually after a patch or new content introduced) the bug usually gets fixed the next patch or sooner.

This is a high-quality free-to-play game. *If you only like to grind/dungeon/pvp, this game might not be for you.* Instances are run for gear/money/quests and more, but not for experience points to level. Otherwise, I highly recommend it.