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Found a chaos lamp and got an epaulet i sold for 1 mil quickly .
Wow. Don't count that happening a lot --- usually you get a stack of 50 lvl 3 potions or return stones.

Should I invest in some skill+ gear?
Eventually, yes. Skill Exp + ("... of Adept") can be crafted on Aramid/Shadowsteel/Citrin and upwards, which you should be able to use somewhere in the low 40s, IIRC. There's no need to spend insane amounts of money on skillexp+4 gear --- go for skillexp+3 (which also has +2 on the item itself) or even settle for skillexp+2 (which has no + on the item itself and should be very cheap). Rings and Amulets might be slightly different, I don't remember for sure (and I don't generally use these anyway, since I need some items to get some survival stats). Adept bracelets should be cheap as hell, but they start at lvl 70 so nothing to worry about right away.

Considering that you get your crafting skill at lvl 50, you could even save the money for the item class that you intend to select for crafting, and use Adept to level your crafting (still need to burn the first 20% on something else, though).

Try to use that stuff "as much as possible". I found that even when you change your armor to something better (in terms of defense), using the skillexp+ weapon is still a good option. "Some" skillexp+ is better than none.