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Thread: Can anyone add a line to this Wallpaper?

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    Default Can anyone add a line to this Wallpaper?

    Hello, long time no see for those of you who remember me. But anyways lets get down to business. I need someone good a Photoshop that can add a simple sentence to both of these wallpapers, yep I suck at it and this is why I came here. Nothing big, nothing complicated.

    The line is "War... War never changes."

    Here they are...
    Maybe at the lower left side... Or "War..." on the upper left, "War never changes" at the lower right
    Same as the one on top.

    If anyone can do this simple task and since I know you guys enjoy all sorts of this stuff... Of course I do too and I wished I could have learned this when I was younger, but either way whatever no time for this. Impress me, have fun.

    Thanks in advance.

    Is this a boring project or something? Not interesting? I guess no one wants to try this out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kluey View Post
    I tried to do the second one a bit.

    That font doesn't fit at all + he wanted the second line to be on the bottom right.

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