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Thread: FFXIV: Exploring the Streets of Limsa Lominsa

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    Taking the focus off of the battle system for a while, it takes a stroll through the streets of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV 's alpha test. 15 new images show off the beautiful streets and intricate city details, as well as some of the available guild shops found throughout.

    Also known as "City of the Sea," Limsa Lominsa's streets and shops can be found all along the sea (gasp! ), connected by a variety of bridges. A large ship can be fittingly seen docked at the harbor.

    These beautiful pictures are here.

    Pavement (or perfectly square slabs of stone, rather) covers the streets. The city and its buildings have many levels which can be accessed via ramps, stairs and elevators allowing for a majestic view of both the skies above and seas below.

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