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Thread: FFXIV Alpha Test Play Impressions

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    Smile FFXIV Alpha Test Play Impressions

    FFXIV ’s alpha test is taking place regularly now. I’ll be bringing you my impressions of the test as a FFXI player. Sorry that it’s mostly first-person.

    Keep in mind the test is still in the alpha version and a lot of things are probably temporary.

    Last time, the test was cancelled due to an error, but this time I was able to log in pretty quickly after a few retries.

    I began in Limsa Lominsa’s “Drowned Dolphin” pub, the place where all adventurers arrive after finishing the instanced opening, so adventurers were popping in left and right. As an FFXI player, I was somewhat used to the feel of the buildings, and the chat log was flowing at a good speed. Good to see this sort of liveliness in FFXIV.

    I talked to an NPC and was able to receive some levequests. Right now, there are many people gathered in the adventurer’s guild, so things ran a bit choppily. I decided to explore the city on my way out, and left the building without knowing where I was going. The time of day had changed from night to afternoon, and it was really bright. One thing I noticed about while walking around virtually aimlessly and entering and leaving buildings was the realism of the light changes, specifically…

    These beautiful pictures are here .

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