3V3 Group Arena Tournament!

On thursday night I will be holding a 3v3 tournament and yes there will be a prize. There will 4 different divisions. There will be brackets and constant updates on forums of who has won. The tournament will start at 9PM EASTERN!

There will be 4 different division for this tournament for different levels. All pots, scrolls, food, etc is OKAY to be used well in tournament.

Basically 3 people will party up to fight another 3 people partied up in Pandaemonium. There will be 3 different division of this tournament.

Division 1: Levels 30-35
Division 2: Levels 36-40
Division 3: Level 41-45
Division 4: levels 46-50

Now there will be a different prize for each division, lower levels get less of a prize.

Division 1 will be receiving 1 mil to be split up so essentially around 300k each.
Division 2 will be receiving 2 mil to be split up so essentially around 600k each.
Division 3 will be receiving 3 mil to be split up so essentially around 1mil each.
Division 4 will be receiving 5 mil to be split up so essentially around 1.66 mil each.

There are only a few rules:
1. No nyerk talking
2. No racism
3. Do not interfere with other peoples matches

If these rules are not followed you will be disqualified and will no longer be able to participate. The other team will get the win.

Now to sign up post here in this format:
Team Name:

Once we have all the teams I will make separate brackets for each division showing you which team you will be facing. Once we have all of our teams set up I will post more rules and information on this tournament.

For any further questions you can whipser Shakes ingame for anything.

Happy Aioning and good luck in the tournament!

IMPORTANT: If you are reading this from another site than www.aiononline.com then you must post your team signup on the aiononline post. Here is the link please post all team sign ups here http://forums.aiononline.com/na/show...9776#post59776.