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Thread: WCG 2010 National Preliminary

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    Default WCG 2010 National Preliminary

    WCG National Preliminary
    Represent your country in September 2010

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    -SFC or higher
    -OGPlanet account with correct user information
    -USA/Canada only
    -Age of 17 or younger: Must submit a permission letter written and signed by their parent/guardian
    -Must be available on scheduled regional tournament day (from 10am - 5pm server)

    Regional Tournaments dates:
    (Must be able to log in from 10am - 5pm on your scheduled day)
    May 15 (Sat): Canada
    May 22 (Sat): Canada
    May 29 (Sat): USA
    June 5 (Sat): USA
    June 12 (Sat): USA
    June 19 (Sat): USA
    *Must have a citizenship status for the country you and your team is representing.

    How to Apply
    -Create an account at
    -copy and fill the form below
    -Team Leader must collect the forms from other 2 players, and send all 3 at
    -Deadline: May 6

    Application form
    Personal Info
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    OGPlanet User ID:
    Lost Saga Nickname:
    Current Rank:
    WCG ID:

    Team Info
    Team Name:
    Region (West/East):
    Team Leader:
    Teammate 1:
    Teammate 2:

    Regional Date Preference (select from above list of dates)
    *Must be available from 10am-5pm on your scheduled day

    Contact Info
    Mailing Address:

    Participation: 10,000 Peso + 5 Treasure Capsules
    Winning Team of the Day: +10 Epic Gear of their choice
    *To qualify for participation prize all team members must finish all of their matches on their scheduled day.

    General Rules-No re-schedule/re-match
    -If you lag severely/disconnect due to your network issue your team will be disqualified
    -If you are not ready until 5 min after your battle your team will be disqualified
    -1 account per person, 1 team per person (cannot be in multiple teams with different accounts)
    -No restriction on Hero/Upgrade/Gears
    -3vs3 Prisoners, random map, 1 match (5 rounds)
    -False information on your account/application form is not acceptable
    -If you wait until Sudden Death: both teams will be disqualifed
    -Extensive running: disqualified

    *One Canadian team and two American teams will be heading for Grand Final.
    *Grand Final will be held in Los Angeles in September 2010 (exact date to be announced)
    *Hero/Upgrade/Gear restriction will apply at Grand Final (details to be announced)
    *travel expenses for Grand Finalists are covered by WCG and OGPlanet.
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