I bought the Security Token for FFXI and thought how much of a rip-off it was.. but then it looks like they will even use it for FFXIV so it wasn't a waste, after all. For PS3 users Security Token is kind of useless. ^^; Great for PC users, though.

I have played FFXI for about 6 years (still log on once in a while but not as much now thanks to the Summoning trick people abuse to hit level 75) but I think it's on the verge of dying. It doesn't matter since FFXIV is coming. ^^;

Through out the years, I have found these problems to be the most serious (although, these problems are quite common in many MMOs, if anybody is going to set a standard in strictness and enforcement, it would be Square-Enix):

1.Third Party Tools - If you didn't use some sort of unofficial third party program, you were at an disadvantage. Simple as that. This is probably like asking for the impossible but I pray that they can make this come true for the sake of equality and fairness.

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